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    Big City, Big Problems

    Well Chicago is not the biggest city but it’s ranked the third largest city behind NYC and LA. With all the new technology for iPhone 5 or the Samsung 3S, that can do anything from taking panorama  photos, or bumping […] More

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    Getting Advice from Joe

    My buddy Joe, who lives in New York City, is close friend that I can always rely on for advice. Today I called him because I’ve been moody lately with people and can’t figure out why. I just snap at […] More

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    Worse Massage Ever

    Whenever I travel, I like getting a message after I land to loosen my muscles after sitting for hours. The time difference between San Francisco and New York is three hours, so when I landed at 6:30 in the morning, […] More

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    My Playboy Buddies

    My buddies Ian and Mike always have interesting stories, but this is the first time they had something in common. Ian, 35 and from San Francisco, just came out of the closet recently and is trying to make-up sexually for […] More

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    Lonely in the Big Apple

    How you ever been to a crowed party and felt like you were there all alone; practically invisible? Well believe it or not, I felt that way recently. My buddy moved to Manhattan this past April. He kept telling me […] More

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    I Hate iPods

    I think most people would say that I’m a “people person”, I like being social. But there are times that I like being left alone with my thoughts and I meditate. On these occasions, I put on my iPod so […] More