My Playboy Buddies

My buddies Ian and Mike always have interesting stories, but this is the first time they had something in common. Ian, 35 and from San Francisco, just came out of the closet recently and is trying to make-up sexually for lost time. Mike is about my age, lives in New York City, and has one of the biggest cocks on the planet. If you are a gay and in NYC, you probably know Mike because I guarantee you won’t forget him.

So while I was in NYC hanging out with Mike, Ian flew in and the three of us were sitting outside a café trading stories. Ian has a job like George Clooney in Up in the Air, so he is traveling to different parts of the world every couple of days. Since Ian travels so much, he became a member of to find guys locally to hook-up with at each stop.

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"In the Chair" photo gallery on

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After Ian had finished telling us about the latest guys he was with, Mike started talking about this pianist he can’t get enough of. Apparently this guy was visiting NYC for a concert and they were like two rabbits going at it all the time.

As Mike was describing the guy, Ian interrupted and asked, “Does this guy live in Australia?”

Mike replies, “Yep. Anyway, as I was saying…”

Ian interrupts again, “Well it sounds just like Henry…who I hooked up with a few weeks ago.”

Can you believe these two Playboys both hooked up with the same guy on opposite sides of the world? We all started laughing our asses off. It really is a small world.

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