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Gym Time, All the Time?

I think when most people travel, they love eating the local food; I do too. The difference is I keep my physique in balance by busting my ass in the gym. That’s why, when I travel, I normally pick a hotel with a nice gym or one that is near a good facility.

When planning my quick trip to New York City, I decided to do too many activities. This varied from visiting museums and monuments to going out at clubs at night. I only had 3 hours sleep when I landed that first morning and it was go, go, go the entire time; my buddy Joe and I rarely sat down.

Golds Gym at Home
Golds Gym at Home

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I use to obsess when traveling and would purchase a week’s gym pass to keep my figure on track, but this time I didn’t care. Joe said he would go if I went and I kept saying that it was too far from his place. So for the first time, I didn’t work out the entire time I was there.

When you train heavy like I do, you should give yourself a month off once in a while. I always tell my clients this, but I rarely follow my own advice. As a matter of fact, the longest break from training I ever had was for a week and that’s because I injured my wrist. It’s hard because training is an addiction, especially when you have been doing it for years. But now I realize that sometimes vacations are just that, time off from your normal routine.

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  1. yea, when I started go to gym 4 years ago, I found I’m addicted to it. now I almost go to gym every day, plus tennis games at the weekend. so, i totally know your feeling.

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