Lonely in the Big Apple

How you ever been to a crowed party and felt like you were there all alone; practically invisible? Well believe it or not, I felt that way recently.

My buddy moved to Manhattan this past April. He kept telling me about how exciting it is there, filled with energetic people and countless things to do. So I was expecting a lot when I planned an extended weekend there. The other good news was the weather. Everyone said August in NYC is terrible, but it turned out to be in the mid-80’s and I love warm weather.

NYC, 8 million people, how was I going to keep up with all of the social activity? But that wasn’t the case at all. I did feel good vibrations from people, but at the same time I felt insignificant there; it’s hard to explain. It was like it didn’t matter if I was there or not, everything would be the same. It is so different for me in California, I’m not totally sure why.

Lonely Me in NYC
Lonely Me in NYC

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After being there for a while, I felt like people were present physically, but isolated from people and things around them. In the park I would see people speed walking, in the subway everyone was jammed together, back at my buddy’s place people could see in each other’s apartments but it was more like watching TV where there was an invisible wall between me and the audience.

I guess what I’m saying is in NYC I didn’t feel special like I do back home in California. I also like my personal space whereas in NY there was always someone around. NY is a cool place to visit, but I definitely like it back home better.

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  1. I’ve been to New York in August.. lots of the movers and shakers are on vacation. The City was different.. the buzz was gone. The Village was like a ghost town during the day. And I felt lonely too.. and made myself a promise to never again visit New York City in August.

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