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YouTube Banned My Video

YouTube banned one of my other videos so I’m on probation with them for the next 6 months.

I guess I’m too Hot for YouTube, lol!

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter,
    Thinking on this episode, makes me wonder: Wouldn’t this be an excellent chance/time for you to assert yourself by asking them -IN WRITING- and using snail mail to clarify their position? Ask them in a polite way to enumerate and clarify their position. That you just cannot see how they arrived at the point where they actually BANNED your video.Ask them to delineate exactly WHERE you went over the line. This is a very good way to BEGIN a paper trail, who knows somewhere down the line someone ELSE may run into the same “buzz saw”..Send it certified, signature required.If enough of these kinds of request come out in print, it might point to only one central point from which we might “smoke out” a lone homophobe..Just a thought…Best wishes, always..Peter

  2. Peter, I am sure there is a site which will welcome you with your assests and I really meant it.

    Do not worry. Whereever you are, we will be there to support you.

    Love you.

  3. that’s a pretty room you’re sitting in .. doesn’t look too minimal to me. You’re going to get tired of sleeping in a sleeping bag on an air mattress. BTW.. Don’t go to New York in late July or August.. unless you’ve got an invite to vacation on Long Island.. or Fire Island Pines, or the Cherry Grove. Too bad about YouTube. Ned is right.. YouTube is overly restrictive on content that has gay appeal. Good luck with your BB contest preparation.. I know that part of your life is very important. What kind of future vids will you make for PeterFever ? Are you going to make explicit/ sexual vids ? or keep your site soft-core ? Good luck !

    • You are funny Jay; I was at my buddy’s house when I did this video. My place only has an air mattress, a folding table and two chairs. I figured this background was a lot more interesting than a blank wall.

      I’m not sure what YouTube’s problem was, I find it crazy if you ask me. They have stuff on network TV that is far more explicit than the video I had posted.

      Who knows.

  4. youtube has always been anti gay-ish. they react to people who inturn react to you.

    I do wish there was an alterative that was not a full fledged porn,..but a alternative.

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