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New Video – The Window Washer

I just released my new video, “The Window Washer” on PeterFever.

Watch me clean more that just the windows. I had fun doing this video in the Hollywood Hills. I hope you have fun watching it.

And if you have any ideas for new videos or photo shoots, please leave those in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys. Make sure you Register for my blog so I have your email address. I plan on starting an email newsletter soon.

Remember, to see the video, you must be a member!

The Window Washer (047) PeterFever Video

Written by PeterFever


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  1. JC,

    I think we all join this site knowing that Peter is still in the process of exploring what he wants to do with his website and his own “limitations”. He has already shown us, his site members, more than almost any other model of his quality has shown, so let’s be thankful for that. Of course many of us hope he goes further, and I think he will. After all, if he really wants to achieve his stated goal of demonstrating just how erotic and sexual Asian male models can be, who better to do that than him and how better to do that than actually filming his own hardcore scenes ? I just hope that as he continues to explore and develop his site he remembers that he has both a beautiful cock and a truly world class ass, and any model who is truly comfortable with his masculinity and sexuality should be equally comfortable showing off that ass and his hole.

    • Tom in Portland.. I don’t think you know.. or can write what ‘WE’ all want and expect if and when ‘WE’ join Peter’s PeterFever site. How do you know what Peter wants.. and what are his ‘limitations’ ? The internet is full of muscle man sites, many of which cost less than PeterFever, who have videos of physique models jacking off and cumming on cam. At the end of this month, Asian physique model and dancer Guy Tang is starting an XXX video site called Guy Tang Xposed. His site is He plans to include explicit sexual content, but as yet I don’t know how much it’ll cost. Peter has always referred to his site as ‘hot,’ and it’s graphic flames and title suggest that it’s content is more than soft-core erotic.. but it’s not. Why should I be ‘grateful’ to pay to watch Peter wave his long cock in the air.. when what I want to watch is a Peter Le jack off session that lets me look into his spread-cheek open asshole and shoot my cum when he does ? Tom, I don’t like being ‘schooled’ by you.. and think you shouldn’t pretend to know anyone’s mind but your own.

    • Tom.. here’s an update to my previous reply. Peter has posted about joining the cast of K Town.. and included a long list of links to stories and photos about the cast and production company’s efforts to make this Asian reality show. I looked at a lot of them, and In Peter’s second interview with Blasian Bytch, Peter said that he now ‘regrets’ his soft-porn past. So I wouldn’t be expecting much in the way of new erotic exploration from Peter that ‘shows off that ass and his hole.’ And I don’t think he’ll be filming any ‘hard-core scenes’ either. But be sure you keep sending Peter your $25.00 a month.. so he can keep his ‘process of exploring’ going forward.

  2. Peter,
    Great site. You have been very generous showing us your “full frontal” in many videos. It would be great to see a video that focused much more on your equally gorgeous backside, including a few glimpses of your “rosebud” 🙂

    • there are a couple of photos in Peter’s gallery that show his hole.. and that’s it.. no open hole in vids.. it’s part of Peter’s continuing policy of not giving his fans what they want and pay for.

    • yeah me too.. I dropped my sub to PeterFever a couple of months ago.. but the last vid I tried to watch took almost 20 minutes to load. If I didn’t wait for it to completely load, the vid froze when it played. Since it was the first vid Peter posted after he re-worked his PeterFever site, I figured it was some tech change to his format. So I wrote Peter to see what was up.. I told him my prob.. that it was his first vid to ever load that slowly.. or freeze when I played it. I wrote I had a mac.. and he wrote that when he played the vid on his mac.. he had no difficulties. It was so frustrating I dropped my subscription to PeterFever. His site states that his vids should be played on an Adobe player.. and since my mac hates PC based software.. I just gave up. I hope you have better luck. I could hire a wizard to try and load Adobe player.. and see if that helped the problems I had.. but since Peter isn’t making jerk-off vids, I figured, ‘why bother.’


    • Tony, no, I didn’t request a refund.. when the slow-load thing was happening, it was almost at the end of my $ 25.00 subscription period.. and I let it slide. But I think you should try again for that refund.. Peter’s assistant did contact me directly.. and seemed genuine in his efforts to understand and fix the problem. But if they say they don’t have a problem.. how can I prove anything different ? But at least you and I now know that there are two of us that can’t play his movies in the way they intended. Guy Tang is going to launch the XXX movie part of his site on about July 26th. He’s gonna do the kind of sexy shit that Peter won’t do. I’ll subscribe to his site ’cause I think it’s mac friendly, and he’ll do what I need to watch to get off.

    • Oh, U the impatient ones..! Don’t let yr anticipations run way ahead of yrselves..!!.Slow down or else U’ll develop carpal tunnel syndrome + an ingrown hard-on just waiting for the vids to start playing….lol….Below the 1st Vid. are “4 buttons”..from the left:BACK..- XXX480….-…XXXXHD…-…MOV480…It is this last button(MOV480) that U must click, when I did the video played just right…4all those who are waiting for Peter to open up -on camera- his “portal 2 his PleasurePalace”,..don’t hold yr breath….it’s NOT good 4yr health, just enjoy this extremely handsome/beautiful asian man who is very comforatble showing his ALL…..Peter W.

  3. Peter Le,
    July 8 6:45pm.(PDT)..
    Peter, I mourn today for it points to a descent into the quagmire of _YES- eventually degenerating spiral into hard core cum sprays shots, full anal ins/outs ,fisting, etc…..I hope and pray I am wrong, but I feel a sadness coming over me…..Your friend, as always,…in continued good health, both physical as well as spiritual…..eternally your fan….Peter

  4. Peter Le,…Jul 8, 2010…..1:35PM (PST)
    SOmebody added a blog for “double Dose of Dark alley media….or some such thing……Please tell us that was an unauthorized, tasteless braking in on your blog…?

  5. Hi,pete.
    The weather is so hot!I think a swimming pool,sunshine,green trees,pure water,sex speedo,specifically peter’s hot body!!!This is a good idea for shoot video.

  6. how come you don’t let people preview you video. so they like to join you more. like every other web page they let people to preview the movie.

  7. Peter,
    YES,…You with the big dick, you are such a BIG TEASE….
    4 Phuck’s sake, it is not even noon here in Altadena, and -watching ur window washer at “work’, I had to call on Rosie and her 4 (rather calloused) sisters, to come give me some relief,….YOU BAD, BAD BOY…..I can’t be like U young guys, bust a nut every 30 min, us seniors bust one and we need oxygen and an 8 hr nap……..NOW, I have to go take a nap to recover…..After I get my brains uscrambled, maybe, Some ideas later, i’ve got a mess to clean up, and THAT’s all on YOU…(wink, wink)…lol

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