Just Glad I’m Not a Woman

Every Sunday I send out email reminders to my clients with their workout schedule for the week. Later that day I received an email from a female client who wanted to cancel her training session because he was having her menstrual cycle. I think is it bad to stop your daily routine to stay home and pamper yourself with sweets.

This is not the first time I heard this from a client; actually I hear this excuse more and more frequently. What’s up with this? Is America pumping our cattle with more hormone levels that sets off women’s hormones? If this continues, I think women should have a world wide PMS week each month so they can attend a PMS group therapy and express their feelings and hardship that comes along with it. Yeah right!

I think women exaggerate their PMS symptoms; they complain of feeling bloated, uncontrolled hunger, and joint pains. I’m just glad I’m not a woman. If I were a woman, I think I would sit at home eating Cold Stone Ice Cream – Chocolate Devotion favor and bitching about everything to anyone and get away from it.

Peter Le eating Chocolate Devotation at Cold Stone Creamery

Here’s a joke that you should never tell a women during her period

“What month do women complain the less…? February because it has the least days.” If you do tell this joke to a woman, be prepared to be slapped.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter,I agree to what @SAILO010. Yes, it is the hormonal changes that affect on women mood. We are not them, so we do not know how much they suffer or not suffer. I also agree that undergoing childbirth is a very dangerous and brave action and child bearing is painfully bothersome.

    After saying all these, of course I still prefer you to be a man; you are more sexy and hot than a woman!!!

  2. Haha yeah I’m so glad your not a female. But I do know some men who act like they have a period. Omg!!! Like no joke. Buti agree I think it’s more of their lifestyle choices that can make their menstrual cycle seem worse. By they way do you have any gay or bi friends who are very similar to you and that are single. Just saying. Lol

  3. A Majority of women do NOT want to hear MEN comment in ANY way about the subject.TRUTH is that if they steeped themselves a bit more in HOW hormones CAn be influenced by reorganizing (totally reconstruct)their nutritional intake, but you have to have an open mind for that.If one can keep an open, accepting mind on anything their lives would not be so impacted by a lack of seratonin(the feel good hormone)..I tell some female friends to try Yoga breathing every day, maybe in 10 minute intervals in the AM, PM and in between when they can snatch 10-15 from their busy days. Some have said that helps, it all comes under the “umbrella” stress management,…..and proper hydration, most pepople do NOT drink enough WATER…If people knew what soda do to the human body, they would ban THEMSELVES from ever drinking that garbage which only lines the corporate pocketbooks anyway..WHAT.?…oh,…Okay,,somebody just yanked my soapbox from under me…Ta-ta….

  4. I got your point there, why don’t they just continue their routine instead of making excuses because they have their period. But we men -males have to understand than menstruation is accompanied by hormonal changes that affects their moods, or their whole systems in short. Women suffers more ythan men esp during child bearing carrying that load for 9 months and have to push it out in a small orifice? Damn bravery and courage. We are lucky as males also because we don’t have to endure that feeling of wetness down there even just for an hour. Eeeewwww. But I have to agree with you women makes more excuses to avoid or not to do something because they are women but still they are equal to males. Take care there Peter. Am still coping up with the heatwave here in NYC. I feel like a well done grilled staek and a melting ice cream. Ciao

  5. I’ve learned from experience that women definitely do not want men to make comments about PMS .. or getting their period. Some women do have painful cramps.. so maybe your client has legit reasons to cancel her session.

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