How To Win Peter’s Heart

I’m a simple kind of guy. I’m not high maintenance and I can live off bagels and protein shakes. As long as I have access to a gym nearby I’m good to go, plus I only need to be there three times a week. I like to do outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, river rafting, and taking my dog for walk at the park.

Dating Profile Peter Le PeterFever

I like to read books, but I rarely read self-help books. I believe things happen for a reason and life has its calling for everyone. Also, I believe you can’t meet your soul mate every lifetime. We are here for a purpose and sometimes it’s about being alone.

You are the most important part of this connection! You must be yourself and truthful to yourself and others. When you lie, it makes everything worse. Besides it is better to be honest even if the truth hurts. You must have a good sense of humor and be open to new ideas and experiences. I don’t like players and I’m not one myself. I may seem like one from the internet, but the real me is kind, easy going, and entertaining.

The first date does not have to be perfect. I enjoy hanging out at the beach and learning more about the other person. I don’t care what you do for a living as long as you are financially independent and enjoy the little things in life. I would not want to meet someone like me, be interesting and different. This is starting to feel like a dating profile, but I thought it would be nice if someone valued the same things I do.

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  1. Hey Peter:

    I’ve been taking these writing courses as a minor elective and I’ve gotten pretty good at says my, I also started writing poetry from anything that I get inspiration from. From reading your postings on this blog, I’ve written a couple of poems that are in relation to your subjected topics..however, they are too formatted to post on your comments section of your can I get these to you?..Contact me at my e-mail address and I will get them to you..Peace,

  2. Peter Le, I agree with Peter from this blog.
    We come to this life for a purpose, be it good, bad or evil. (who is to judge?).

    Yes Peter Le, you are surrounded by those who speaks of love, affections, praises for you, now that you are handsome, sexy and hot. You may not like what I say and it hurts; but these are hard facts; Will there be such affections and high emotions if you are older and not so perfect? I do not know nor wish to comment.

    Please be happy with yourself and that is you whoever you are; be you be 12 or 27. Now existing, we only have one life, so value it irregardless you are happy or sad (as both is relative to each other like the crest of a wave and the bottom of a wave). The most important is, be your true self. Do not question the purpose of your existent for no one is able to answer that, not even you yourself.

    If you can, read the Taoism book that Peter from this blog forwarded to you. It is not so much on the technics on body orgasm or genital orgasm I am referring to, but more widen our knowledge in knowing things that are around us and surround us.

    I wish you every Happiness, Good Health, Good Luck with best knowledge seeking, Peter Le, and I sincerely do.

  3. Hey Peter, I was just wondering R u straight, gay, or bi? U attract all fields & I was just curious. BTW/ whichever u R I totally support u all the way!~

  4. Peter Le,
    You truly are an enigma.In your blog “ass’umptions you mention that (being so tired of fitness books (yr bread+butter.???) you gravitate towards relationship and self help books, yet here you profess not to read them.?.I think you know that self help is the key to opening up your mind to many different things, in a way that is most comfortable to you -- by yourself.. Everyone has a purpose in life. Some never find it, many don’t even look for it.They merely look as far ahead as the length of their nose.You must know that life comes/goes in cycles.You have a 15 yrs “cycle” to have a retrospective off.That 12 yrs old boy is still with (within) you.From the first weight that he ever lifted, see how “his’ life has evolved.The 2 reasons you listed for starting the lifting of weights.It was shorlty after college that your physique made the dramatic metamorphisous from Playgirl boy-toy into the phenomenal Peter Le we see on your website.Were you tru to “Mother Nature through the process.?..U must anser only 2 yourself…You chose a business that survives/thrives on selling the dream of “sex” in as many permutations as there are tastes to satisfy.You -on the strength of your physique- have become a sex object to men as well as women…(CHA-CHING…3x..!!!!!)..The downside of this busniess is the people that it attracts. All too manyof them only feed your ego, so they might gain “Something’ from being seen with/around you.The polite word for them is “Sycophants”…they do NOT feed your soul, Pete, and I think you know that.In your “ABOUT ME” you mention that you are a Scorpio… have a very high sex drive.-that is western culture speaking.!!!..It is serendipity that caused our paths to cross, albeit in the -rather impersonal way-of the internet.It was your scorpio “comment” that made me decide to gift you a book that I sent to your Mountain View address where your records are kept. I do hope it was forwarded to you. IN it, you will find the Taoist techniques/wisdom that will (IF U do the work)give an added dimension to your sexual being that you can only dream about: Total autonomy of the sexual energies that flow through your body 24/7. You will learn whole body orgasm as opposed to mere genital orgasm. Words can not BEGIN to explain the difference. Trust me, It will “blow ” your mind to learn to separate/control orgasm(+ nrg) from ejaculation(-nrg).I am convinced that it will allow you -given the business that you are in- to have a more centered/balanced equilibrium when dealing with the maelstrom of sexual energies swirling/surrounding you at any given day/night…In the privacy of your thoughts, re-connect with that 12 yr old and see if the 27 yr old still wants to know him…Good luck, and as always good health + karma..yr fan…

  5. …In all honesty, your the kind of guy I wish I could have in my life right now. Maybe not as a boy friend or lover ( ok maybe..) but( since i have never met you) you look smart, goodlooking, good hygenie, and you like animals. I know that in my life know i won’t be ready, I still have my career to plan out and a job that pays me well so I can provide for others as well.

    You will find your someone someday soon. I hope they treat you with respect, compasion and love.

    To you future of happiness and love

  6. hi peter, you are nice person had a great personality and i like your story.. really sound enjoyable, i guess this is whats everyone wanted to have.. you need take care yourself so that don’t get cheated by fake love in every corners…

    hmm.. how to win your hearts, i guess feeling in converstation towards a person most important. πŸ™‚ haha

    wish you stay happy n smile always.. and you always look great.

    take care

  7. Hi Peter, you are a very sensative caring young guy who loves life in general. Yes I agree we were all put on this earth for a purpose and a reason, sometimes without even realising we are doing something good for someone or ourselves. I work part time as a teachers assistant at a primary school with children who come from really hard living backgrounds, but to make them smile and cuddle them and to see their faces light up is reward enough for me. Keep doing what you are doing and you will achieve great in life. What age would you consider too old for dating a person at? I would love to get a reply back from you. Take care my friend.

  8. Hey Peter, I’ve always thought you were a sweet-natured guy.. so what was all that conceited bull-shit you told Blasian Bytche in your last interview.. how all this is your world and everybody else is just visiting.. and how you will only date people who are at least an 8 and above. And how much attitude you like to give out when you drink. You came down hard on Mike the Situation’s body.. comparing his abs to yours. Is that how you judge someone you don’t know.. but might be required to work with in the future ?

    • IF it is just showbiz…are you saying you will compromise your morals to get ahead? Is that truly the only way to get ahead in this industry? You have lead your self up to a moral and question debate about yourself through yor blog and therefore people have a right to question your integrity…I am left wondering what is true and what is bull? In your case you do not only anwser to yourself but to your audience who you have invited into your life. You seem to be a mass of contradictions my friend, work it out and don’t sell yourself short…If you need to play into all the hype to be financially independent, you must question if its worth it…In your case I believe you have decided it has and this makes me feel sorry for you. Don’t be a let down….raise yourself up…however, you have just lost me as fan.

    • hey Ted, I think most of the people that comment here have a very personal and very narrow view of Peter’s life. He’s not as good and genuine as many seem to think.. and he’s not as two-faced as you believe. I think he’s plays everyone some of the time. His life and career are expanding in ways that he can’t always predict and control.. and he wants to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. If that means appearing one way to suit some.. and another way to suit others, he’s shown that he’s gonna do that. If his soft-porn site causes him additional problems with the MTV producers.. I expect he’ll fuck over his fans, and shut it down.. ’cause it’s just show biz. Regardless of what he’s doing now, or what he’s promised, Peter’s gonna do whatever works best for Peter.

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