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Video – Peter, The Peeping Tom, Returns

I just posted my new video Peter, The Peeping Tom, Returns on PeterFever. Make sure you check it out today. The director got close-up shots of everything! I know you won’t be disappointed. Cum see!

PeterFever video - Peter, The Peeping Tom, Returns
PeterFever video - Peter, The Peeping Tom, Returns

This was recorded on location in Hollywood, CA.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. finally he is able to stroke it. was very hot. like the close up shot of his hole. its nice hes fnally doing more sexually with each new video. maybe the next video, we can see a little more stroking. not interested in seeing a cum shot from him just yet. one of the best ones yet.

    • Hey Sean, thanks for the 411 on Peter’s new vid. I don’t know if I’m ready to re-subscribe to PeterFever just yet. This ‘hotter’ vid might be followed by two or three that are totally soft-core.. and I don’t want to pay $26 a month to watch peter hold his hard cock and wave it around in the air.

      But I do want to commend Peter.. for making incrementally hotter and sexier vids. I’ve got money to spend on his hard-core productions.. if and when he makes the kind of stuff that will get me off.

      Guy Tang is going to start his XXX site in a couple of weeks, and I’ll spend my money with him till I’m certain Peter wants to make stuff that will satisfy me.

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