Go Topless, I Do

Go Topless Ad Peter Le
"Go Topless" ad for 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe GS

The first photographer I worked with back in college sent these photos to me; I thought the ad was from 2001. Looking at my face and body I guessed it was from my freshman year in college. Actually these photos were taken in summer of 2003, but I was close.

The other model in the pictures is my straight friend Marco who also made an appearance in Playgirl magazine. We were close friends and we attended the same high school. People labeled us as the jocks at school; I was an All-American wrestler and Marco played football.

We dominated the sports arena and weight trained like crazy back then. I remember when we had a photo shoot coming up, we would do hours of cardio for a week, and then a couple days before the show we would sit in the sauna to dehydrate ourselves.

Life was still good back then; I enjoyed driving around town in a convertible with my buddy. I’m sure he would be shocked today since I like going around more than just topless 8)

Go Topless 2 Peter Le
"Go Topless" ad for 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe GS

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  1. In the bottom photo.. your ‘straight’ friend Marco has his hand on top of yours. That’s so totally not something a ‘straight boy’ would do. Just Admit It, back then, you two played with each other’s cocks a lot.

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