Playing Pool Naked Is Distracting

How would you beat a professional pool player? Well I can tell you what I did and luck had nothing to do with it; I played pool naked! It was the only way for me to win and I love winning. Now there was a wager on this game so I had more of an incentive to win. If I won, I could brag that I beat one of the best professional pool players around; if I lost, well he could rub my body down with oil. I figured it was a win–win situation either way; my skin was dry and I can’t reach this one spot on my back if my life depended on it.

My friend was dead serious about winning this game because he had a fantasy about rubbing down my entire body with oil for some time. During one of my photo shoots he came to visit and I had him apply some oil to my arms; I guess that’s when his fantasy really started to run wild. He had it all figured out in his mind; he had picked up baby oil because he said it gives me the wet look like I just got out of the shower and this really turns him on. And he was planning to take his time, thoroughly rubbing the oil into every inch of my body. "Sheer Clothing" Gallery "Sheer Clothing" Gallery

So we started playing and I wasn’t doing so well. It was his turn and I began to slowly unbutton my shirt. He looked up and missed his shot. I made another ball in, and then I missed my shot. He took aim and then I unzipped my pants. Cool, he missed another shot, the distraction is working. I made a couple of more balls in. It was his turn again. I pulled off my shorts which gave me another chance to make a ball in. Then I shocked him, I gradually stripped off my underwear. I was turning myself on between winning and getting his attention. Next thing you know, I had an erection so big and so hard he didn’t care about winning anymore.

Needless to say, I won; but so did he because I ended up letting him oil me down anyway.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Blessed u..caused u r such a sweetie pie…I bet that it will be me playing naked pool with u and I m sure will a taste of u dude…luv ur abs n vibes.. h9w about a posting a jacking off of urself in the next video .he..he.. that will be bonus for ur fans .. do stay healthy dude n have a wonderful life..he..he..

  2. hi, peter it is nice and excting about the your
    news of swimming in the pool at night in the nude.
    It shows you are strong man, what I dont understand you eat three meals a day you might
    get hungry and sick. You go swimming at night it is better at the sea so you cantbe seenin the deep.
    HOW long is your is it twelve inches long it sounds
    like.DO you go to the golds gym and going swimmng
    Mac Arthur PARK.THANK YOU VERY Much. bem samson

    I love you to death Peter
    but honestly, this teasing
    business is exhausting . I’ve
    looked on the internet and there’s
    a lot of hype on Guy Tang’s end
    (even though his website is supposed
    to be out T.T). What I’m saying is you
    have to step up your game (actually jack
    off) or your viewers aren’t going to be
    too interested.

  4. As if this story is real.
    You are making blogs like these
    to get your readers turned on and
    basically latch onto your blog and
    website. You know what would actually
    keep them 100% interested ?? IF YOU
    VIDEO. And… if you did it with another
    dude : ) haahaha .

  5. LOL..I’ve done something similar with a personal trainer at the gym I attend. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play chess and this guy knew how and wanted to teach me. So, we set up for me to have private lessons at my place and I would cook dinner for him in return. However, he decided to take it to another level by wanting the loser to give the winner a naked lap dance. The funny thing about that is that he would always sabotage the games where he would have to give me the lap dance..and BOY!! was he ever willing to do so…lol..This particular time, I decided to change the game around where I gave him a lap dance and then stripped naked…needless to say, he shot a load right then and there…lol..sooo easy….lol

  6. Oh my god just reading this turns me on. To bad i will or would never get a chance to do that to you. You are one of the hottest Asians i would love to meet.

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