Taking Control – Notes from a Hot Personal Trainer

Is having a hot personal trainer the best thing for the client? I guess it depends on what you want. I’ve been training clients since 2004 and I have met so many types of people from serious competitive bodybuilders, to people who want to look and feel better, and of course there are those who want a personal relationship with me.

I started noticing that I was attracting different kinds of clients just a few months into training. Some clients would take the sessions seriously while others just wanted to talk the entire time. They didn’t want to train or listen to any of my advice. Then some of the people started bringing me food or gifts from trips they had just been on or even invited me to go on trips with them.

Sometimes I feel that my looks actually keep me from being a great trainer for all of my clients because it becomes too much of a distraction for them. I mean I love my clients and I understand sometimes you fantasize about your trainer, but eventually most people get over it. But then there are times where the fantasy becomes all too real. "Fashion" Gallery "Fashion" Gallery

I had a female client who initially wanted to lose weight, but after a few sessions she just wanted me. It began to get very creepy. For my birthday, she brought me a gift from Hawaii, but I wouldn’t accept it. Then, in another session, she talked the entire time about how much she missed and NEEDED me. That’s when I decided it would be our last session.

I’ve had male clients practically stripping in the middle of the gym saying they wanted my opinion on their muscles. Then they wanted to change the terms of the training sessions, they wanted to pay to watch me train myself and in particular they wanted me to perform squat exercises in tight shorts.

It’s one thing for people to visit my site which is setup for exactly this, getting off watching me perform. But it is another when you are in a professional environment, trying to help people, and they treat you like a sex object instead of the skilled and certified trainer that I am. There is a time and a place for everything. I’m a sex object on, I’m an expert training adviser on, and I’m a professional trainer at the gym. As long as people can keep these straight, everything is good. But there are always those few who feel it is ok to cross the line. Well, I put them in check; cross the line and I cross you off my list of clients.

After all, you can’t let people take advantage of you, not matter what your profession. It all starts with self-respect, then enforcing that others respect you as well; when they don’t, cut them off. Stand up for yourself. Trust me, you might feel uncomfortable at first when you insist that people respect your boundaries, but after a while you will feel in control. So stop waiting, take control!

Written by PeterFever


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  1., my situation is the opposite of what you spoke about..instead, I have the personal trainer trying to get in my’s very hot and he’s been my trainer for over a year now..I have gone out on dates with him several times as I assumed it was just platonic…and I have made dinner for him as well..Although whenever I’m around or we’re alone..he wears tight clothing or very little clothing at all..and there’s been occasions where he has gotten NAKED as well..but hey..I’m not complaining..he could be a potential fuck buddy but that’s about as far as I believe it will go..but also he’s a cool guy..and smart as well.

  2. People should get a kiss for extraordinary achievements, and the best-of-the-month gets an evening with you in person. 🙂 The rest of the time they should be scared to death not to get whipped or kicked out. Aah, Peter surrounded by lots of highly motivated horny people getting bigger and bigger…

  3. I’ve had 3 trainers. One was a female who was average shaped, but knew the basics of good form. Another was a fit guy that decent, but didn’t push me enough. My favorite was an ex boyfriend who got me in the best shape of my life. He was very attractive and had an amazing body. For me that only pushed how I wanted my body to be. Also, working out for us was very serious. We continued to work out together after we broke up as well.

    It’s always going to be different. Personally if I was a trainer and my client didn’t take it seriously, I’d be straight up with them. Yes, it is their money, but if their concern is you and not themselves, it doesn’t really make it worth it.

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