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Minimum Input / Maximum Output

My daily schedule is so full that I’m forced to create shortcuts when I can; I try to get the maximum output for the minimum input. There are benefits to this approach, for one when it comes to training. I use to train 6 days a week, because I thought more was better. Because of time constraints helping my clients and running my other businesses, I had to find a way to get the same results in half the time. What happened even surprised me. I modified my training scheduled and only worked-out 3 times a week for about 45 minutes each session. The results are what you see today, twice the bulk with half the effort. (Read more in my books on "Exercise Routine" by Peter Le "Exercise Routine" by Peter Le

This philosophy works for other things too. When I travel around the world I don’t carry two suitcases anymore. I use to plan for every possible scenario; what if it rains; what if it is hot; maybe I need to dress up; you get my meaning. Now I just carry what fits into a backpack and I worry about things as they occur. The first time I tried this for trip was when I visited Thailand. While I was there I ended up buying an umbrella, some sunblock, sandals, sunglasses, and a cap. I enjoyed my trip so much more because I didn’t have to constantly worry about carrying a bunch of baggage with me.

A few months ago, I applied the same principle to my house. Now I have basically nothing in my house besides my air mattress, a folding table and two folding chairs. My friends say, “Why don’t you get a dining room table?” I reply, “Because I don’t have people over for dinner, we always go out so what’s the point.” My place is now used for basically two things, sleeping and working on my computer. I don’t purchase things just to have anymore; I only purchase things if I know that I’ll need them and that I’ll use them over a long period of time. Otherwise I don’t need it or I can borrow it from a friend.

Getting rid of all of the baggage in my life, both physical baggage and emotional baggage has made me a free man. I now appreciate what is really important in life and that’s life itself. Too often we add baggage to our lives thinking it will make us happier and in the end we only stress out more because we need to spend more time taking care of it, we need more room to store it, and more money to keep the cycle going.

I’m not saying I have all the answers to everything in life, far from it. What I am saying to you is pick one thing in your life and try this method on it. Maybe it is simplifying your training schedule, packing less on your next trip, or even getting rid of some of that baggage around your home you really don’t need. I’m sure you will notice how much less you stress over silly things and how much more time you have to enjoy the important things in life. And with some of your free time, leave a comment and tell me how it works out for you.

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  1. where r u traning bro,,, i wanna sign uppp,,, i really need to burn my fat in my belly but dont know ,,,, poor me ,,, i hate it ,,, i wanna kill it ,,, help me outtttt,,, i will sign upp and pay ,,tha ks

  2. Peter,

    Simple is better, you are right ni minimizing stuff in your home. I have read some good books about that, and most religions say the same. Being contented with a simple life makes us free to enjoy life without being too attached to material belongings.

    That being said, career is important, and again using the simplicity priciple to training sounds great.

    I DID buy your books and I find there is a lot of good advice!

    Hope to hear more from you!

  3. I agree with . Such entries are great stuff. (Plus it makes you feel less stalker-freaky to be following your blog in admiration… :). I never even considered buying the books, ’cause that other site is so seperate and decorated with hypnotics, I never thought you would ACTUALLY bother to make some of your techniques public. Seems I was wrong. So many people with ‘asian genetics/mind-set’ out there, training their asses off and then blame it on the soy. A lot of excellent trainers out there too, but who could you trust to bring out a physique inspiring individuality, eros AND respect, mass and balance in a trainee like you did?? Science be it as it may, thanx for letting us in via this blog on probably your greatest secret: your unique personality!
    (sorry for the overlength…)

  4. I really quite enjoy your entries like this. I mean, I know we’re on the Fever, but I like hearing about people’s way of life and how they do it.

    Of course a lot of things in life can be made simple, but people choose to do things to make it hard, or rather not so simple. And you definitely chosen a route that I have only started to realize.

    Thanks for sharing.

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