My Bad Habits

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Everyone has bad habits of some kind, but some people are worse than others. Here are some of mine:

  1. I always wash my hands before I pee, but I don’t always wash them afterwards unless I know someone else is watching or I notice the sign in restaurants to employees reminding them to wash their hands before returning to work.
  2. This bad habit started in college when I lived in a dorm. When peeing, I always flush before I finish. It’s like a race to see if I can finish peeing before the water goes does down. Sometimes I lose and need to flush a second time.
  3. When people JO, they normally prepare by having tissue, a towel, or even writing paper nearby (this was also from my college days). I rarely prepare so I’m always running to the bathroom or kitchen to grab something to cleanup. Sometimes I end up leaving a trail on the carpet.

Ok, now that I have told you about my bad habits, I’m curious to hear yours. Tell me about yours in my comments section below.

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  1. hahah interesting i scout around the blogs and see if anything funny, weird ..or hilarious
    yah this topic rocks

    hmm- my bad habit
    i jerk off late at nite -- and am always too lazy or tired to clean up
    and waked up in bed with stain all dried up yucks..

    yes i flush before or after and sometimes in between

  2. Don’t feel bad about forgetting to wash your hands afterwards. I once dated this guy that did the same thing, and funny that you mentioned it…he only washed his hands when I catch him not washing it. I would give him a hard time and wouldn’t let him touch me. I find it interesting that guys never wipe after peeing. They shake their little man until they think its all dry and put him back in. Women on the other hand always wipe after we pee. Considering you guys are holding your penis while peeing washing your hands after is important.

    I find myself struggling with your second problem (flushing before I am finish). I think it started when I was in college. I would use the restroom, but would forget to flush afterwards. It’s as if I had narcolepsy in the bathroom or something. My roommates would get irritated and disgusted with my forgetfulness. Because of my embarrassing past, I have consciously trained myself to flush the toilet as soon as I sit on the seat… but more often than not….find myself having to flush again.

  3. I am from London England, (in LA at the moment) most toilets and the doors are not that clean in public places in the UK, so you would want to clean your hands before and after! you never know who has been at the flush handle, Peter, remember that when you go back to London.

    I hate using public/pub/restaurant toilets and would rather wait till I get home despite the agony that can cause!

    My friend when he visits has really bad habits, when eating he is like a 5 year old, food all over his hands, then licking them then putting them on my painted walls, chairs, light switches, if he sits down watching tv he will only wear underwear and constantly have his hand down there playing with himself regardless who is in the room.

    Mine, well I used to do the flush thing to speed up getting out the bathroom, seem to be over that now. I am a really light sleeper, many times I can be found at 3am wondering around the apartment.

    If I lose something in the apartment I have to find it there and then and will turn the place up side down to find it, even if it’s not important to have it at that time.

    Hmmm, Peter your carpet must have some interesting stains on it! Sounds like you need a PA/cleaner, I am available with English accent, few bad habits, house trained and can assist in your cleanup process!

  4. Peter

    Interesting, and regarding JO, that is quite wild.
    You will end up leaving your marl everywhere!

    My bad habits…?
    Too many to list here.

    Sometimes I am lazy to clean up my apartment, but soemtimes I can be fast and efficient. Here in Japan they say O blood types are like that.

    Yes, here we use blood types to describe people, like horoscopes / Zodiac signs!

  5. hahahhah,, u know watmmm i get the sam bad habits likw u,,, i always flush water before im done ,,,, i like it , and always has to be twice hahahaha,,,, and i never prepair anything for jo , after that i run to restroom or catch the clothes or somehting neRBY ME to clean them up ahahha,,,, nice broooo

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