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Why Don’t You Linkedin Me?

How to Relieve the Stress
How to Relieve the Stress

I finally gave in and signed up at At first I thought this was just going to be another social networking site that I have to manage. But then a friend told me it’s supposed to help me maintain professional connections; so I figured it was worth a try.

After signing-up Linkedin asked me if I wanted to send out invites to connect with my contacts who were also on the site. I did and the response was really surprising. A lot of my personal training clients never knew about PeterFever, so when they saw CEO of PeterFever, Inc. and checked out my site, I got a bunch of different replies. Some people e-mailed me and said they were shocked that I was doing porn; but three times as many confessed they had a secret crush on me all this time.

If you want to Linkedin with me, here’s my profile –

To see the full video, go to and become a member

After a Long, Hard Day
After a Long, Hard Day

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  1. peter, u relieve my stress all the time 😉

    love ur face, love ur body, love ur dick, love ur attitude. does that about cover it?

    ur not only beautiful from head to toe, but i love it that u KNOW it. u KNOW ur the finest guy in the room, and that self-confidence is so fucking sexy.

    there r 2 kinds of guys: guys who want to be with u and guys who want to be u.

    ur blog and ur vids get hotter and hotter all the time. u really know how to ramp up the sexy and horny, peter 😉 nobody teases as god as u, man. u stay right on that edge, leaving us wondering where it’s all going, wondering what u’ll do next, and always wanting more.

    u keep giving us more, too 😉 every sexual thing u say gets me hard and hot, and i know u love turning ur fans on. must be a rush to know how u can manipulate us hehehe good porn is an art, and ur an artist in photos, vids, and words.

    love seeing u at the bars and parades with all the hot guys, although there’s no doubt who the star in the frame is. so smokin when someone even touches u or gets next to u.

    i know u must have a master plan, and ur just taking us along for the ride. i love being teased and pulled along like this. i see ur face next to another great looking guy, and i want ur lips to touch. it’s hot knowing that u know that and planned it, even if it leaves me wanting more.

    some porn guys get fucked in their first filmed scene. some guys — like u — know what’s better than that.

    i could go on and on. ur so fucking gorgeous and so fucking beautiful. just don’t stop what ur doing until u get further along in that master plan 😉

    have u ever thought about how much cum is blasted every single day by guys looking at u?

    • Rick, why don’t you tell me how you really feel, just kidding 🙂 Thanks for all of those awesome comments. Yes I do have a master plan, about 5 years out. 2012 is going to be fucking huge. If I pull off this thing I have planned it is take me to a whole new lever.
      As for how much cum is blasted each day, no I haven’t thought about that. Maybe I should do a poll on that, lol. Thanks again, Peter.

  2. Enjoy your new social site! I know its hard to manage with facebook, twitter and other accts.

    But anyway, I would love to suck on your cock!!! hahahahahaha

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