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JO Video – The Premonition –

Everyone has been asking me to do a JO video on my site and I finally gave in. And yes there will be more in the future. The video is called The Premonition and I’m a hitchhiker out in the desert waiting to get picked up. The guy who does pick me up, wants more than just a “thank you” for the ride.

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"The Premonition" video on
"The Premonition" video on

I would like to hear what you guys think, so check it out and then post a comment.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. thank god that I can see your 1st jo vedio when I just became member for a week. i’m sure actually you like to jo for your fans. please jo more, in more scenarios, and I want to see your facial expression during cumming… cos it makes me cum with you

    • .. seeing Peter’s ‘O’ face while I’m jacking off would make me cum too.. that’s what we’re all looking to get is a one to one sexual connect with Peter.

  2. Wasn’t too sure you should break the spell, but the set-up was a very American fantasy(from what I read, not always a fantasy for the truckers!)The opening build up a good turn-on.
    Earlier you teased us with a “strip pool” theme. What about taking that further -- having lost all your clothes you have to j/o if you lose a game to “play” yourself back in.
    Since |I started to subscribe I think oiling up sequences show you off best -- but the machinery shots were hot as well. A machine shop with a fall into the pit with all that gunge would give you lots of fun!
    Ciao from across the “pond” --

  3. I am so glad you came out with this video because I suggested this idea to your web guy last year. I joined for months but got tired of seeing the same thing so I cancelled it. I can’t wait to sign up again. I don’t know if you watch America’s Got Talent, but in the show each time the performers try to do something more spectacular than the last. So my advice is you should add more to the video a little bit each time. That way you don’t run out of ideas but still keep it interesting. That way people will look forward to the next video to see what you’ve done. If you need video ideas please let me know? Is there a way for us to email you without posting it up on Facebook where everyone can read it? Thank you. I will sign up so I can watch this long awaited video.

    • definitely worth the wait.. Peter does a complete jack off from soft cock to cum shot. I came before you did.. didn’t want to.. but I got into watching you stroke your cock and couldn’t hold back. Nice vid.. very clear photography. but it’s gonna make all your other vids seem a little boring. I hope you’ll do more vids that show you jacking your hard cock.. add some open-ass play and I’ll keep cumming.. back for more.

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