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Magazine Turn-On [JO Video Released]

Here is another JO video just for my members. It’s extremely hot and I know I’ll get you off. Check it out, but first you need to be a member. For those of you with slow internet connection, the photo gallery for this video will be posted next week.

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"Magazine Turn-On" JO Video on
"Magazine Turn-On" JO Video on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I’d cut the soundtrack overlay. It makes the video impersonal. Which isn’t to deny that it’s hot. Relatively speaking, however, the hitchhiking J/O video has more appeal. There’s more personality. There’s something resembling a story line. There’s more of your face, and facial expressions, in addition to your body. And those facial expressions, especially early on, are hot. Further, it’s just generally far less robotic and mechanical.

    • I agree with ash437.but peter is actually a shy guy,although I also want to see,but let him,please!!I know peter have done a lot of things for his fans.Thanks peter!!I miss you!!

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