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Me, Joe & Young K-Town Cast

F**king Other Guys!


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Me, Joe & Young - K-Town Rules!

I just got off the phone with my ex only to find out that I’m so fucking glad we are no longer together. We broke up in May and I thought we would try the whole friendship thing, but that was stupid on my part. Here is how the call went:

Ex – Peter I need to talk to you?

Me – What’s up?

Ex – I’ve been thinking about our relationship and I’m glad we broke up; you were an asshole and you treated me like shit. I don’t think you really cared about me when we were together and never made time for me. And then you just ended it suddenly.

Me – I’m sorry you feel that way, but I never treated you like shit; that’s your reaction to the situation.

Ex – Fuck you Peter! I just wanted to tell you that I had been fucking other guys while you were busy traveling to photo and video shoots, training people all day, and working on your websites. I just thought you should know.

Me – So why after all this time did you decide to call me? Just to be a prick?

Ex – Fuck you! [hangs up]

So that’s that. I’m the asshole for working hard, trying to build my business while my ex is the saint who was fucking other guys behind my back. It definitely caught me by surprise. I think it is human nature to want what we don’t have and it’s common not to appreciate what we do have; but cheating isn’t the answer. I admit that I’m feeling some pain because of this, but I’m not going to let myself suffer because of it. Life moves on and so must I.

So who’s up for going out?

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  1. My heart does go out to you Mr. Le! But I think your EX missed you and that’s why he/she called you back! But anyway, I’m sure with great support from your friends and fans, you will be able to move on. Your still young so just focus on your business more and love will come when you least expected!

  2. Peter,

    I do agree with Jason and Micheal. It takes two to clap in any relationship.
    Have you reflect on yourself? Or nelgelected your other half in concentrating on
    your work? The fact that the other party calls you up and tell you he is screwing around
    sounds jealousy to me. He may be trying his best to attract your attention again.
    Is he telling the truth in saying that he screws around? How’s that you do not know all
    this while? Does it mean that both of you take each other for granted? If so, that is how “love”
    will fail. Open communication is the best way to passage of love.

    Think about it again Peter.

  3. Hard to get a full picture of things from just this post. It’s possible he was really hurt, and felt neglected, and never fully expressed those feelings at the “right” time. I think it might have been wise to be responsive to his feelings in this regard — to let him tell you why, whether “correct” or not (and emotions are rarely either), he felt you “treated [him] like shit” — to ask questions, rather than offer up a knee-jerk denial. You may very well be totally right, in theory, but that’s plainly not where he is emotionally. Granted, his telling you he was cheating, after the fact, is just pointless, vindictive, and immature.

    Of course, if you’d not wanted to be “just friends” in the first instance, all of this would be irrelevant. You’d have no obligation whatsoever to be responsive to him at all.

    Sometimes it’s possible to remain friends with an ex, and sometimes it’s not. I don’t know that there’s any ready formula that applies here — depends on the people and the nature of the relationship.

    I’m sorry if my response is more . . . nuanced and even-handed than that of others. I’m looking beyond the individuals and at a situation I feel I’ve dealt with in my life or in friends’ lives many times.

  4. Hey Peter. It’s pretty clear that your ex is now jealous of what you have successfully done in your life. Don’t let negative comments from him deny yourself of what you truly want in life. He’s clearly jealous and angry for making the mistake of breaking up with you. It’s definitely hard to make a friendship last with someone that responds back the way he did from your phone conversation.

    Anyways, just thought i’d put my two cents in. I’d love to have the opportunity to be YOUR boyfriend! There would be no complaining on that part. Can’t believe what he let go of. So far what i’ve seen in you is a beautiful person, inside and out. Keep up the blogging. I would love to meet you and become a good friend (and i secretly would love to enjoy a night with you but i guess its not a secret anymore). hahah

    Take care of yourself. And don’t ever let someone treat you with any negativity… It’s just not cool.

  5. Umm, I hadn’t really looked at your site before I posted about what I thought about your ex. I guess in some ways I can understand how he feels, or felt. Although, if he knew what type of work and business you were in and accepted it in the begining then yes, maybe what he felt for you wasn’t all that sincere but expected something else. If one truly loves another, regardless of the work they do, they will overlook that providing that YOUR LOVE FOR HIM IS COMPLETELY SINCERE and that the job you do is merely a job. It would take a person with a very strong heart and TRUE SINCERE LOVE to accept what one does in his work. That person would be in my opinion a very Unique and Loving individual. To know that when you come home to him and that you love him completely and leave work at work and not bring it home, well then I guess that in some ways says you do love him. Now, if he chose that same type of work as you have. I would hope that you would feel the same way as he did for you. Is this just a fantasy idea one has. I mean could you see him with another man as you do yourself in your work? Would your love for him be the same. Would you get jealous, angry at him? Intresting thing to think about.

  6. First I have to say, he must have been out of his mind for leaving you. Then I have to wonder, why did he call? Was he intoxicated when he called and was hoping to get back together with you or was hoping to get one last roll in the hay. I guess I could have understood him leaving you if you had been cheating on him and he had found out. Then that I could understand but then when you have have two handsome people as the two of you. One or the other would have bound to cheat. I say this because, come on now. Who wouldn’t want to have his chance with you. He must not haved loved you tha much to have cheated on you as he said and if he didn’t why screw up it saying that to you and messing up any hope of getting back together with you. Secondly, he should have been more understanding with you wanting to get your business under way and successful. I know I for one would have had the patience and giving you all the support you needed. Anyway, its a shame it came to what it did and well, now you can focus all your time on your business and on yourself and not let anyone interfere with that. Next time too, try not looking for someone so good looking as you. Makes it more tempting for others to want to take them from you. You know how alcohol is when its in your system. You get more daring and go ahead and go with the flow, figuring you’ll pay for it later. Sometimes not a good thing. Anyway Good luck, hang in there and it will be ok. And dont’ be angry with him. Forgive and forget and go on with your life. If you hate, you’ll never grow.

  7. Once I broke up with a guy and his best friend phoned me to tell me he’d committed suicide. A lie, of course, but that’s the kind of thing people will resort to when they can’t process a break-up or are telling themselves they were cheated or burned. My hunch is that his “confession” is a lie to make you feel bad. But bad situations and experiences always have the seed of something good. It might be wise to reflect on whether or not this sort of situation is a pattern in your dating life, if the problem might be in your camp, even if only to a small extent. But break-ups are what happen in 90% of gay relationships. The difference is those people whose break-ups are in the majority amicable, and those whose break-ups are in the majority bitter. Hang in there, dude! I think you’re great!

  8. Hey Peter:

    JUST MY OPINION!!!!…In all honesty, his phone call wasn’t worth repeating. I feel for someone to call you after several months to tell you something so crude, is a sign of someone who has a lot of growing up to do. Actually, too, its someone who still has the “hots” for you as well. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be hurt of the fact that this guy has the audacity to confess to fucking around on you while you were away on business. Because all this guy is saying in a stupid way is that because of your business of putting your “assets” on public display, is that he actually felt that you were fucking around behind his back. Then too, like the one guy stated in his post, because of your business, maybe you should focus on just that and not a relationship at this time. It takes a mature and strong individual to be a part of someone’s life such as yours in an accepting manner. What it all boils down to is …don’t sweat the small’s over and done with..and honestly, this prick is really missing you to make such a phone call after all this time….and like I said..HE NEEDS TO GROW UP!!!!!

  9. It usually takes 2 people to ruin his relationship. Him for not understanding your work ethic or being involved in it, and you for not thinking that maybe your hectic schedule just doesn’t accommodate for a relationship at the moment.

    Also, comments like “That’s just your reaction…” remove any fault and place the blame solely on the other person. It is a way of not taking responsibility for something that happened, and shows you are not trying to sympathize.

    That being said, cheating is never the answer to a relationship fix anyway, neither is calling your ex up to mention it unless you are warning them to get tested for something.

  10. Wow your ex sounds like a douche. But yeah it’s your ex’s lost. Despite everything what you look like and your body. You would be my perfect man. Who wouldn’t want someone with a good head on their shoulders and who had goals to better themselves. Well have a great day.

  11. today someone told me that someone or some people talk at my back saying i was doing nothing during work
    it hurts when i heard it
    i think he or she or they are the one who is doing nothing during work that is why they have time to talk bad about people at the back
    Peter you deserves someone better

  12. Chill and cheer bro! We also don’t have to waste time on this jerk. He just wanna penalize u to make himself feel better cause actually he is the one who did bad thing on behind. If he call again just blow his head off ^^

  13. Hi Peter, I finally logged in.

    Aww!!! So true! Don’t worry about your ex, he’s a loser too, I mean he’s having sex with other guys is like he’s a player, baby… If I were you, I don’t talk to my stupid ex lol… So glad you’re no longer with that guy… Single us good… Can I be your “baby”, Peter? Hehe just kidding! But you’re too far other side of the world =( just stay strong and happy… Love you my new yummy idol hehe

  14. You will meet the better one later on your life who someone that really love you and care about you and your business, no matter what always be there to support you when you need it!
    You will meet this Mr. right later on, Peter!!
    Just be who you are and enjoy the life~

  15. You are better of without your ex! You have such an amazing heart, Peter! The way you care about others is evident! This person just did not appreciate you like we all do!!

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