Do You Prefer Open or Closed?

Do you remember my buddy Ian who is making up for lost time because he was living as a straight guy before coming out of the closet? Well over the weekend he met this hot 20 year old guy, Marco. Ian is funny because he loves the look of young guys but then prefers older ones who he says are better in bed. He finally met his match.

Not only can Marco fuck like a pro, he caught Ian by surprise when he kissed with his eyes wide open. Now I prefer to close my eyes when I kiss because I like to focus on the sensation. I never really thought about it before, I just assumed more people kissed with their eyes closed. But Ian said he always keeps his eyes open because he wants to see how the other person reacts and he feels it shows confidence.

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From "Groove and Mesh" Photo Gallery on

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According to Ian, Marco is the first person in his life that not only keeps his eyes open while kissing, but also does it for the same reasons. He said it was the most passionate sexual experience ever. He had to pace himself from getting too excited because Marco kept fucking like the Energizer Bunny; he kept going and going and going. The funny thing was they had only spent 20 minutes hooking up, but half a day in bed. I guess it’s more doing than talking these days.

So now I want to hear from all of you; do you think keeping your eyes open during a kiss shows confidence? How many of you kiss with your eyes open?

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  1. Closing one’s eyes when kissing is a natural instinctive reaction. To protect the eyes from foreign objects, eyelids shut whenever something comes too close. Some are able to override the body’s automatic response so some people are able to kiss with their eyes open. However, it will be hard to look at the other person’s reaction to the kiss unless you pull away. And once you pull away, there’ll be no reaction to see, just lips eagerly awaiting the next bout of lip-locking and tongue-flicking. Besides, I think, kissing with the eyes open is just plain awkward. You’ll be cross-eyed trying to look at you partner’s face and kissing at the same time.

  2. I like it open. I’m a visual person. I like to see my partner’s beautiful face and the way he looks at me (if he opens his eyes). His sexy features, will add on to the sex vibes. Channeling every little energy to the max. Ha

  3. I like it better with my eyes closed..its not that I do it on purpose, its just the sensation from a great kisser that turns you on so much that you just naturally close your least for me..anyway..

  4. Definitely eyes closed. For me sight is the least important sense when it comes to passion. Its better to focus on the tactile feelings of touch and smell. After all the sense of smell is said to be the most closely associated with memory. Human olfactory sensors are the closest to the brain (shorter neural distance). Also the olfactory bulb in the brain is located in the limbic system which often is known as the “emotional brain” the part of the brain most associated with mood and feelings. *Sorry for nerding out*

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