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I Was Secretly Videotaped

"The Magic Mirror" on
"The Magic Mirror" on

So I was saying at my buddy’s six-unit apartment complex. The owner was completely blunt that he wanted to fuck me. Later I found out he had installed a hidden camera behind a two-way mirror and was videotaping me daily.

"The Magic Mirror" on
"The Magic Mirror" on

One day, while I was posing in front of the mirror, someone ran into my unit when I wasn’t looking. This was all caught on tape and now you can see what happened in Part 1 of The Magic Mirror.

"The Magic Mirror" on
"The Magic Mirror" on

Written by PeterFever


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  2. yes…now many of china gay got crazy 4 u!
    though stupid china GOVERN***t block facebook
    but ppl still coule reach the HOT u!
    i put ur pic on my domesdic intenet website…
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    they r insane!!!

  3. Everyone will do that Pete…coz u r really hot … ur present will heat up the atmosphere … I am now feeling horny looking at ur pic… u r damn hot n good looking…. cant take off my eyes of u..he..he..

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