I Love LittleFever

Some say a dog and its owner have the same personality. I started thinking about this and analyzing PJ. PJ and I have been together for the last three years and I have to say we are very similar.

First of all, PJ is more stubborn than most dogs and only listens to me when I speak to him in a stern voice. When I go to walk him, he runs even though the harness may be chocking him. I can relate, because I have control issues too. I always have to do things my way.

PJ and I
PJ and I

Secondly, PJ is very energetic. When I take PJ to the beach, he plays fetch for over 2 hours straight and doesn’t even seem tired.  As for me, I’m energetic in the bedroom; I can have sex for hours. I think I would be great at group sex because no one can match my energy level.

Finally, PJ is high maintenance. I have to walk and brush him a couple of times each day, bathe him every week, and take him to the groomer every 3 months. I use to be low maintenance, but since I have to keep myself healthy, I spend tons of money on haircuts, beauty products, massages, and weekend getaways.

So, if you can get along with PJ you can get along me. After all PJ stands for Peter Junior. I wonder if his stage name should be LittleFever?

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