Birthday Party or Not?

It’s my 28th birthday next weekend and I can do anything I want, but what is there to do that I haven’t done already? When I didn’t have a lot of money, I wanted everything and anything for my birthday. But now that I’m doing better financially, I have no clue what I want.

I sort of want something quiet and simple because I’ve been traveling so much and have been eating the wrong kinds of food which makes me feel unhealthy. Also, I’ve had a few K-town cast gatherings the past couple of months and that entails late night drinking and late meals after the club, which also makes me feel unhealthy. Basically too much travel & partying = an unhealthy Peter.

Really, I think I need to go on a vacation by myself to get centered from all this distraction. I would like to postpone my birthday celebration so I can have some time to relax. The reason I feel pressure to do something  now is because I’m turning 28 and I only have two years before my next big milestone. My friends said that I should throw a big party for my 30th, but I really want to do something for my 28th.

If I decide to throw a birthday party at a club, I would feel obligated to drink because I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars for bottle service and watch all my friends drink without me. Another thing is I believe 2011 will be one of my best years ever and I want to start it off with a bang. So now I’ve made my decision, PARTY at a club!

Peter Le (aka PeterFever) age 27
Peter Le (aka PeterFever) age 27

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  1. HAPPY 28TH NATAL DAY, PAPA PETER. We have the same name, DUDE. Got suggestion… Why don’t you do a FULL MONTY for your friends and your fans? That would be HOT. You could STING everybody with your SEXINESS since your are a SCORPIO. HEHEHEHEHE!!!! Whacha think?

  2. Hey Peter:

    This is just a suggestion, but I remember being in your position on my 26th B-Day, until on my second job as a bartender, one of my fellow hot co-workers and asked me have I ever had a threesome? that time, I didn’t because prior to that, I was in stable relationships and I was very committed to my partner. However, this time, for the first time since I was 16, I was single. Therefore, my co-worker and his bf had thrown me an intimate dinner party of three one evening, and that is when he and his bf had encouraged me to join them for a sex encounter which was HOT!!.. the reason I brought this up, because I recall you had mentioned in an earlier post that you had not had the pleasure at that time venturing in on such an encounter. With that being said, and since you are single status…then why don’t you consider it ???…Happy B-Day..

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