Everyone has fetishes, even me. But I always find it interesting hearing from my fans and reading what gets them off. I personally like people who wear glasses, it just turns me on. I don’t know if that’s because intelligent people turn me on or what, but I just like glasses. Here is what some of my fans have asked me to do:

  1. Can you squeeze my head with your thighs until I pass out?
  2. Can you give me a piggyback ride around the room?
  3. Can you videotape your bare feet while driving your car around?

The most common fetish is definitely people with a foot fetish. I’m working on more videos where I showcase my feet in different situations to please them. I just find it interesting that there are so many different kinds of fetishes out there and I like hearing what people are into.

So now is your chance, tell me what your fetish is and maybe I’ll do it in my next video or photo shoot.

And remember, everything I have used in my fetish videos are available at my store for you to buy.

From "Love Seat" on
From "Love Seat" on

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  1. LET ME RAISE MY HAND AND LIST MY FETISHES!! haha and I hope to see my fetishes come true in the only guy I hope to see it come true.

    ARMPITS AND NIPPLE play!! Seeing you tied to your bed and your body ready to be worshipped there with oil and my hands touching every bit of your muscles would be awesome! Wow, im sweating already! I wanna be the one jacking you up while your blindfolded and vulnerable. I guess I want the idea of me being in charge sometimes.

    Mahal Ka namin Peter!! Much love from the Philippines

  2. Wow, I’m apparently not porn-imaginative insofar as fetishes go, or at least I’m less fetish-minded viz. porn than I may be in bed. For instance, I like pit play sexually, but I don’t think about it much re: porn. I’m gonna sign on to two of Jay’s suggestions, though. I think a flesh light could definitely be hot. And I agree that you can take leather a step further, in pretty much the ways Jay sets forth. I also “endorse” being tied up while someone jerks you off.

    I’m a cute, smart White guy, who wears glasses. 😉

  3. I would love to see you wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. ^_^
    And covering the Swimsuit Area™ with the hat…like modern-day fig leaves…haha.
    Probably hard to make a whole video from, but maybe something you can incorporate sometime. Maybe you’re wearing full cowboy outfit and gradually lose articles of clothing until you’re wearing nothing but the hat.

    I second the armpit thing, too. 🙂

  4. Thanks Peter for trying to please your fans. Your not like some of these dudes on other sites out there that take the money and run. You answer your emails even with your busy schedule. Thank’s again to the number one site on the net in my opinion and a real cool guy. You allready know what fetish I have so enough said. More feet damn it LOL.

  5. Here’s a quick list of fun things that would turn me on:

    -- tied up and have someone masturbate you?
    -- men in suits = hot!
    -- Any form of ass play by yourself or others

    • Spandex -- Video “After the Run” (these spandex pants are for sale on

      Speedos -- Videos -- “A Little Sand in Your Speedos”, “Work Those Posers, Peter”, “Black Trunks”, “Peter’s Package”, “Peter’s Package 2” == Photo Galleries -- “Too Sexy for My Trunks”, “2009 Max Muscle”

      Wrestling Singlets -- Photo Gallery -- “Green Shots”

  6. It would be cool to see you and another guy dancing naked and feeling up each other and afterwards playing around with toys…that would be awesome in my opinion…

  7. ARMPITS! they’re the greatest turn on! especially when you have them sweaty and smelly and you can see the sweat dripping from the hairs of those hot pits! yeah. for me, sweaty and smelly armpits are the biggest turn-on! uhm, Peter, can i ask a question? uhm, do you shave your armpits? if yes, why? andwhat kind of deodorant do you wear? 😀

  8. eres el mas de los con tus videos ….tienes que complaceres a tus fans follado con otro boys haber si vates record en descargando de tu pagina el video pues creo que todos estamos a la espectativa de verte follando con otro chico…espero que nos sigas complaciendoa todos tus fans by

  9. ARMPITS. on your videos, i saw you sometimes shave your armpits. many people also like armpits. armpits are so sexy. could you have a close-up on your sweaty armpits next time and even include a video of you shaving your armpits. 😀 thankyou. by the way, you’re so hot Mr. Peter Le.

    Oh and I agree 100% with Guy Tang.
    All that will make your fans GO WILD and asking for more ; )

  11. I have seen a lot of your videos and i have to say you have done a lot of the little fetishes that have turned me on. If this is a chance we fans get to give you some input on what fetishes we would like to see on your site then here is my list:
    -Toys- Flesh light, pocket pussy, Anal Beads, Blow Up dolls. All that good stuff
    -- Guy Tang 🙂 It would be nice to see you with another fellow hot Asian to play with
    -- I saw your leather video but i thought you can take it a step further. Like keep a leather thong or jock on while you strop. Wear a leather mask or even stroke and touch yourself with leather gloves on
    -- Basket ball shorts
    -- Knee high socks kept on while you touch yourself
    That is a short list of things I have thought of you doing that I know myself and many other men and women would enjoy you doing.

    • Jay, just for you I have a shot with me in basketball shorts that I will post on an up-coming blog. I was working out in Hawaii on the deck using a towel and…well you will see. Stay tuned and I expect a comment when I post that picture 🙂

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