My Crazy Morning

So last Monday morning, I was busy scrambling to get some last minute things to wear for my video and photo shoots in Hawaii the next day. I figured it would be fast and easy because I could get to the mall and back in 40 minutes since it was a Monday; boy was I wrong.

On the way to the mall, traffic was backed-up because of a 3 car accident; my 15 minute drive turned into a 45 minute wait. Then parking was a bitch. It was like Black Friday when all of the holiday sales start, everybody and their brother was shopping. Of course getting around the mall was another obstacle course; people were moving at a snail’s pace. WTF, doesn’t anyone have to work anymore?

So I picked out some stuff that I needed to try on and every dressing room was full. I swear this was not my day. I’m a serious shopper, I go in knowing what I need to get, try it on and buy it. But things were not working out easily for me. By the time I finished and got back home, 3 hours had passed and I ran to the gym to meet my first client. And as you know from yesterday’s blog, I found out that I was actually supposed to be on a plane that morning heading to Hawaii.

Sometimes the stars are aligned and other times the universe likes playing tricks on us. I guess it was my turn to have a trick played on me before Halloween.

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  1. thank you for writing back it means a lot you are an inspiration anyone can have a nice body but you are a kind person I hope you will keep in touch take care my friend hamid

  2. You look great in that outfit and that hair style. Who cut and styled your hair? I want that hairstylist for my own. Anyway, WTH am I saying. You look good even in clothes made from burlap. Hahaha.

    • I’m already back from Hawaii. I was there last week. I wish I had time to meet fans, but it was literally photos and videos from the time I landed to the time I returned. I didn’t get a day off to myself.

  3. dear Pete

    my name is Hamid Ala I just turn 31 I was born with cerebral palsy but I do not let stop me from living my life I am studying Psychology so I can help people like myself and I hope I would work hard to get a body like your one day and show disabled people and asian can be sexy I also am classic voice singer I happy for all your success I can do it too from your youtube viedos you are nice person I hope you take care always

    • Hi Hamid -- I’m so glad that you are living life to its fullest and not letting cerebral palsy keep you from attaining your goals. I also have a degree in Psychology and find it helps all around in my interactions and understanding of people. I know that one day you WILL have a body like mine if that’s what you are determined to do. Thank you for writing me. Peter

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