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From "Alone in the Dorm" on
From "Alone in the Dorm" on

Back when I was in high school, cable was still an analog signal that couldn’t be blocked entirely. I was happy because I could watch the porn channel and didn’t care that it was all fuzzy. We had a 32” TV back then which was pretty big. So after everyone would go to bed, I would turn on the porn channel and masturbate in the living room.

My hearing was very good so I could quickly change the channel if I heard someone coming. A couple of times my brother came in and saw the tissue box next to me and would make fun that I had a boner, but other than that I was always safe.

This one night, I was really going at it. I was jacking off like crazy and really getting into it. So much so that I didn’t hear the footsteps approaching until they are almost on top of me. I tried changing the channel but the batteries were dead. Worst of all, I was past the point of no return. I looked up and saw my father with a shocked look on his face. That’s when I realized I had cum all over my black sweat pants and hand, missing the tissue entirely. My father walked away without saying a word. I was so fucking embarrassed.

Today I can look back and laugh at the situation, but back then I was totally mortified. I guess in a weird sort of way it made it easier to jack off on After all, if you have already been seen jacking off by the one person you never want to see you, it’s not that hard jacking off for everyone else.

So check me out jacking off on

Oh, and while you are at it, can you vote for me? Check out



"The Hitchhicker Jacks-Off" on
"The Hitchhicker Jacks-Off" on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. You are the hottest and most beautiful fitness guy i’ve seen. Thanks for posting your pictures. I hope to see your videos in your members’ page but i don’t know how. please help. I only have a savings account and im willing to spend money just to see your videos. thanks!

  2. That’s hilarious :p
    Dude, you are like perfect. Your body, every inch of you is perfect, you’re an inspiration to me, one day im going to look like that. You’re beautiful man! Gotta work hard like you to get there :p
    Honestly, you are up there as the perfect ideal man for me, not quite sure on personality(i wish i did), but you seem quite nice and open-minded so that counts. 🙂

  3. thank you again I thankful I have you as a friends I will jack off in honor for you so you do not mind that I jack off in honor of you take care my friend it nice to have a friend to talk about stuff like this I hope to meet you in person I never your video but I so happy to have your writings they give me hope thank you for being you most guys would not take the time to writing back to me I hope the next time your Jack of you do it in honor of me and people who sing jack off is bad you have real made a difference in my life happy thanksgiving I thankful for you and Jack off but most your friendship!!!

  4. Peter, I like this photo of yours. You look so relax and peaceful enjoying your hand. And you are so handsome. Really makes my heart flutter.

    Truely, how I wish I can give you a peck but then, that will spoil your pleasure.
    Really, I am never tired in looking at this photo of yours.

    Wish you always have that feelings with you like that in the photo and may God bless you always…


  5. I’ve voted. You’re at the top, presently, because you offer something these sites apparently don’t — a certain masculine Asian American image that defies easy stereotypes. But it seems the content on other sites is well more . . . graphic. I grant you’re moving there at your own pace. Yet worshipping lookism goes only so far. Far enough at present and absent competition. Just be aware of the line between what one could find readily in a bar in LA, NY, or SF, and what’s worth seeking out in cyberspace. (This is not to say you’re at all less hot than ready findings in bars in LA, NY, or SF.)

    • Thanks Jason, it would be so cool to win. You know that awards are open to the public. If you are in West Hollywood in February, come by and get your picture with me. Check that site for the day and time; they haven’t announced it yet.

  6. I know that I left many message but I am so happy because I love to Jack off but being disabled and jacking off is not talk about and asian do not do it thank you for writing about Jack off thank you

    • Hey buddy -- Yes everything is going well. I’m sorry I have been so busy lately. But you are in my thoughts often and I appreciate all that you do for me. -- Peter

  7. sawadde khun haow.great to know tht ur one of those great fellow,named for the award.well,its my pleasure to help u&let u keep those sweet memory during ur birthday. to see u standing&holding the award,may enhance me to challenge myself after almost 3years im hiding behind the closet,since im break with my cutie hongkiest partner.hmm,i got few email add,and im tryingto vote u using all the email acc i have ya.oh ya,im enson,from malaysia. keep in touch&perhaps may get some guidance as i just started bck my..plu’s life.hug frm me.

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