Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. For those of you who don’t live here, Thanksgiving began as a tradition of celebrating the harvest of the year. Today it is a time for coming together with friends and family to celebrate all that we are thankful for.

I’m thankful for my incredible friends and family that surround me. Without their support and guidance, I wouldn’t be the confident and happy person I am today. But this year in particular has been extremely good to me. I have had multiple business successes which are carrying into 2011. The one thing that has surprised me the most and has enriched my life so much this year is really getting to know my fans. I wasn’t expecting that one of the best parts of being in the public eye is meeting, talking to, and enjoying my fans. Without all of you, this Thanksgiving would not mean nearly as much to me.

Thank you for all of your support and wonderful conversations. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a prosperous New Year. And leave me a comment, because I would love to hear what you are thankful for this year.

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  1. Thanks Peter, I hope I can see u in real life. I like to c ur webs everyday, u have changed me la. My English is not good ar, I am a Chinese living in Hong Kong.

    • As I start to travel more, I’m sure we will meet up eventually. I’m actually working with a company now on some products out of Hong Kong, so I may be there sooner than you think.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Peter!.

    -Five things I’m thankful for-

    1.) My family, without them I’d be all alone and thats something that really scares me.

    2.) The Internet, I’d be lost without it. No pics of my hunks*You included!* or keeping up with my friends.

    3.) The peeps I’ve made friends with on the Internet, including you Peter!. They are all very dear to me.

    4.) My music collection, if there was ever a thing I couldn’t go without its that!.

    5.) The good old USA, I hear and read about the terrible things that go on in other counties and I’m constantly reminded of how thankful I am to live in this great country!.

  3. dear my friend

    thank you for being in my life I hope I can meet you I hope I can follow in your foot set and show disabled asian can be hot and sexy and can can sing classical music thank you I hope you know it you you give me hope and I know this what you want to with you life and did it for me!!!!

    thankyou my friend

    may you be blessed
    love hamid please write back soon

  4. my dearest peter thank you for coming in my life I was going thought some hard times with school I was not geting any help with my class and I need need help with my pysology papers and they work not help me and other disabled students but I saw your web site and thought you would not write back like so many others but you wrote back and you said you were happy I wrote to you and when you like that I Jack off and think it honor that you get me off make so happy I am not a fan I am friend I hope you are mine too

    thankyou for help me with find my hope

    love hamid

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