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Survey – Which Sexy You Like Most?

Today is your day to vote. You have to choose, which sexy photo you like the most.

Choose which sexy photo you like the most 1, 2, or 3?

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Photo 1

From "In the Chair" Photo Gallery
From "In the Chair" Photo Gallery

Photo 2

From "Spotlight" Photo Gallery
From "Spotlight" Photo Gallery

Photo 3

From "Sheer Clothing" Photo Gallery
From "Sheer Clothing" Photo Gallery

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  1. Your whole body is amazing, of course, but your ass is off the hook in picture one!! The others are good too, but a little too “veiny” for my taste.

  2. Of course people would choose the chair. because ur beautiful ass is showing. but for a change i would choose the third picture. because it is what i always see when you have ur intro music of your past videos.

  3. nope…unfair. Not being a fan boy here. In a chair is perfect for hanging up in the living room. The second and third are sexy but the second is a lil more artisitic with it’s angles.

    It’s like asking which one is better: Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler? Depends on the mood. AM I in a Mapplethorpe mood or a spankin it mood.

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