Hot Steamy Sex

Hot Steamy Sex
Hot Steamy Sex

I have great memories of my late partner and this is one of those stories that is quite humorous. When my partner and I started dating, he had invited me for a romantic dinner for the Christmas holiday. However, while leaving the restaurant, a snowstorm was in effect and the roads were getting treacherous. Upon making attempts to get home safely, my partner was driving and at the same time getting very horny. In fact, he got so horny that he pulled the car over into a deserted area of a local park, turned the heat up high, got out of the car and grabbed the blankets out of the trunk, put on some sexy music and we preceded to get naked and gettin’ busy.

In my mind, I could not believe that we were in the middle of a snowstorm, in a park, having hot sex.  What was so surprising was that with all the moaning and groaning, there was a knock on the window. I hesitated to respond until the knock got harder and then we heard a voice asking to lower the window and was things alright. It was the voice of a policeman and because things had gotten so hot and heavy, all the windows had fogged up and he couldn’t see our naked bodies. However, he must have known something was going on from a sexual standpoint because he asked me to just crack the window a little which I did.

The policeman then inquired if we were okay and if so, we had to move on because he could fine us for being in a restricted area. Once he was about to walk away, my partner pulled me back down on him and preceded to go at it again. The policeman came back and asked me again to crack the window. This time he responded with “Fuck that pussy, and make her scream,” and then he started laughing as did I.  Little did he know that it was two guys instead of a girl and a guy.  My partner starting stroking my dick and said “You heard the man, fuck that pussy and make me scream”…lol.. Afterwards, we got dressed and went back to his place and since the weather was so bad we had sex for two straight days.

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