PeterFever Turning Grey

PeterFever Turning Grey
PeterFever Turning Grey

I just turned 28 and my friends that I haven’t seen in a while noticed some grey hair on my head. I didn’t freak out because I think having grey hair symbolizes wisdom and maturity, but they see it as stressed and old.  My friends asked if I was going to dye my hair immediately because they believe grey hair will not match my face.

It’s expected for everyone to have grey eventually and there is no reason to hide it. I think the worst thing you can do is excessively find ways to cover your flaws because it makes it worst. I think George Clooney and Richard Gere are fine examples of matured men with grey hair. I’m actually happy that I have grey hair because I want to age gracefully.

What do you think about grey hair?

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  1. peter ..why ar eyou concerning about grey hair when you kow you got me to color it for you..with todays color technology ,i can color it without it looking unnatural…i do this all the time on mens hair..

  2. Be very careful. Too much product can make it worse as you said or accelerate it. If you use gel in an evening and come home even if drunk or tired DO NOT go to sleep but wash ur hair first or it’ll make it fall out faster. The less the better and dye jobs burn the roots and do the damage too.

  3. Peter, I think you are correct and most well balanced people will as well. Hey it takes some life experience and exposure to earn those grey hairs so wear them with pride. As much as you have already taken care of your body and stay in good shape physically, for those who are surface based opinionists they will still be happy too. For me I didn’t start up top but rather downstairs in “my junk” to quote the famous airport customer, and I didn’t realize it until my birthday going from 30 to 31. I was devastated and screamed when I got out of the shower. My room mate thought I had seen a bug, and I declared,” no it’s non colored pubs!” We decided that was not politically correct so now they are fondly referred to as “pigment challenged.” Don’t worry it will all work out. Look at B.D. Wong or George Takai, both hot guys as well. Take care. Tomas

  4. I’d like to point out that the ladies are never attracted to guys with gray hair unless it’s gray enough that they know they can marry the guy and count on him to die within the year and leave them with a million dollars. Just sayin. Then again, it’s not like a gay guy cares about female attention, right?

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