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More than One Guy F*cking Me


"Tie Me Up" on
"Tie Me Up" on

So when I was 19 years old, I was a lot more adventurous and needless to say, down for whatever. I was single and the way I saw it was if I wanted sex I would get it, pretty much like a shopping list.

One evening I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger and this guy (Mark) invited me to his place for a hot threesome. Since I was still new to sex and being a bottom, I was pretty nervous about more than one guy fucking me. But I was game as long as it was safe. Mark said I needed to pick up the other guy; so I was like cool, no problem. When I picked up the other guy (Daniel) he was this cute guy who was young like me.

Daniel said he wanted to get down to having fun without Mark. So we parked somewhere nearby his place and I got him hard. He was bigger than I thought, just over 9 inches, and being a bottom I had a tough time taking it in. We took off his condom and I tried to finish him off orally. Just as I was going down on his 9 inch hard cock and working it hard, he whispered something to me. I couldn’t make out what he said, so I lifted my head and POW, he shot his entire load up my fucking nose! I couldn’t get that sticky feeling out of there for days. I guess the moral of the story is, when giving head, a condom or nose plug may be needed.

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  1. Two things. 1 -- You just proved that you have a sense of humor. 2. Thanks for admiting you “jack” you partner. That answered my question. Be well.

  2. I am sure your get this all the time, but I think it is a fair question. Are you gay, bi, etc. Your fans love you but don’t like to be jerked around.

  3. Hi Peter… u did not really have 3some? R u top or btm or ver? I think we would like to know more about u rather than someone else. tks.

    • Of course I’ve had threesomes. Been more than that a couple of time too. I guess I will write about that in a future blog. But I like hearing my fan’s stories too.

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