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It Can Wait [YouTube Video]

PeterFever Texting
PeterFever Texting

We all do it; I have probably done it every day. I was surfing YouTube last night and came across a Public Service Announcement video on Texting and Driving. I figured it would just blast some statistics across the screen and that was it, but I was wrong. Instead it tells real stories about how a simple text like “LOL” or “Yeah” or “Where u at” totally and drastically changed the lives of people.

After watching this video you will learn an important lesson. More importantly, this IS one thing in this world YOU CAN CHANGE for the better. The next time you are driving and someone sends you a text, remember, “It Can Wait.”

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  1. Just Monday we were almost run over because some idiot was looking at their phone and over ran the red light. Its not just texting either, I have seen some people with dogs on their laps, eating burgers, not wearing their seat belts and so on. If people want to risk their own lives for the sake of unnecessary distractions, because they lack an ounce of common sense, that is up to them but being inconsiderate of other people is another thing.

  2. My friend was walking a on the street a few months ago and got hit by a texter… He flew 15 feet in the air… was hospitalized for 29 days with spinal surgery… He’s now wearing a plastic corset contraption… He will never be the same… don’t text and drive…

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