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I Drink A Shot of Corn Oil [YouTube]

PeterFever Drink Corn Oil Shot
PeterFever Drink Corn Oil Shot

My plan this New Year’s Eve was to be with friends and family and not drink any alcohol. I enjoyed a nice prime rib dinner at a restaurant in Burlingame and then headed to the South Bay to start the NYE party over my friend’s house. I was the designated driver for the night, so my friends could drink all they wanted and have a fun time.

Later that night, we played a game called Taboo and divided into two teams; it was guys vs. girls. Before we started the game, we decided the losers would have to drink a shot of Vodka. But then I said, “Well the guys won’t care if we lose because we all like Vodka.” That’s when I came up with the great idea that the losers drink 3 ounces of corn oil to make the game interesting.

Needless to say, I lost. Here’s the video of me trying to drink the corn oil where I almost puke on camera. Needless to say I had to break my vow and wash down the corn oil with some beer.

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