PeterFever Get’s Into Cowboy Behop

PeterFever and Cowboy Bebop
PeterFever and Cowboy Bebop

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A friend of mine knew that I love watching Japanese anime, so she let me borrow the full collection of Cowboy Bebop. I was told this was the longest running, all time best anime series. I prefer listening to the recommendation of other people because it makes it easier then wasting time watching a lot of bad shows. I started by watching one episode a day; I would view it on my laptop in bed.

The series has 26 episodes, but after watching the first three episodes I wasn’t impressed. I had hoped the characters would have super powers and I would see them battle super villains, but that’s not the case.  It’s about a bounty hunter catching bad guys in the future.

It doesn’t take too much time to watch a season; I hope it gets better soon. I’m taking a break from Naurto and Bleach, so they can build-up a in my queue and I can watch them all at once. For now, I’m really trying to get into Cowboy Behop.

What do you guys think of this series?

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  1. Hey Peter if you really want to get into an anime i suggest Neon Genesis Evangelion its sorta old anime (like 1997) but the storyline is pretty intense and it has a lot of symbolism and metaphors but overall it has a soild story and great voice-overs. this may sound rude but i suggest listening to the japanese voice overs because they have more emotion than the american cast. Neon Genesis Evangelion is 26 episodes with three directors cut episodes (watch the directors cut episodes instead of the original ones because the directors cut will make more sense) with 4 movies. The two original movies are Death and Rebirth (this movie basically re-tells all of the 25 episodes so its basically a review so its up to you if you want to watch it) the second one is The End of Evangelion which is the final movie and ends the series. They recently re-made the series by making new movies that will explain more than what the original had to offer. the first new movie is Evangelion 1.11 (you can find it at best buy or anyother store like that) this movie basically re-tells the series but with wayyy better animation and new scenes. the second new movie (it hasnt been released in america yet but it will soon) is Evangelion 2.22 which is a whole new story in total. you gotta watch it.
    well for cow boy bebop its a good anime but its not that great haha thats my opinion. but it does get good though its suppose to have the best english cast in anime history but i watched it with the japanese cast.

  2. Hey Peter, if you like watching anime with a lot of action and kinda sci-fi futuristic ones, I suggest Bubblegum crisis 2040. It’s about 4 girls who gets into these android suits and they fight rogue androids who are killing people. Really cool!

    If you like super powers and a lot of fights scenes with a pretty good, but sad story line, I also suggest X/1999 and Tokyo Babylon!

  3. I tried watching one episode on Adult Swim once and I just couldn’t get into it, you should try “Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040”. Its a great sci-fi/action series with a interesting storyline and cool soundtrack.

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