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The Green Hornet

Peter Le watches The Green Hornet
Peter Le watches The Green Hornet

I watched the movie The Green Hornet the other day with a friend and I have mixed reviews about it. It was advertised as being action packed, but I wasn’t impressed. The character Kato is great when it comes to martial arts, but there was one scene when he fights Seth Rogan’s character and gets beaten. They want us to believe that a kick ass martial arts master would lose to Seth Rogan?

But this movie did show Asians in a better light. It portrayed Asian men as more heroic and this time the Asian hero gets the girl.  In the beginning, the movie made Kato a mere assistance to Seth Rogan and in the end Kato states that he is not an assistant, but an equal partner. Therefore, I think this is a good beginning. But I would like to see an American movie where the star is an Asian male and he is a kick ass, tough, awesome looking guy…oh wait, I’m describing myself. Kidding 🙂

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  1. i think its a good thing that the asian guy gets the girl (for a change)… but once again (not suprisingly) the asian guy is the sidekick. why can’t the asian guy the the MAIN guy for a change?! and no… kung fu movies don’t (or perhaps i should say “shouldn’t”) count.

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