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Revenge of the Nerd, Photos Released

Two New Galleries Released, Check Them Out Now

You can only see them on:

Revenge of the Nerd
Revenge of the Nerd

Peter’s Pillows

Peter's Pillows
Peter's Pillows

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Dear Peter, I am not in town right now,but, when I back home, I wanna join to your fan club. Check your photo & message has become one of my favourite thing per day now.
    I’d like to have the great chance to write you some time,to express the meaningful thoughts to you, if that’s possible,it will be great, Thanks !

  2. Sorry, Peter: you just don’t make it as a nerd. Even with suspenders, glasses, and a bowtie you are one of the most beautiful men who ever graced the planet. Much love, Mohawk

  3. Hey Peter:

    F**K THAT!!!..I don’t wanna watch u get spanked..I wanna do the honors and gripped that ASS myself…”It takes two hands..and I’m HUNGRY!!!…lol…just like flirting…lol

  4. Your nudity looks good. It makes me hot. How could you make your dick half-soft-half-hard? It’s attractive. Comme on. Let me suck it.
    Your wearing glass photos are funny but you still look handsome.

  5. I’ve been waiting for this! thought those pics got banned, too. ‘Revenge of the nerd’, yeah, join the movement! ^o^! Makes me think of you as the male part in the korean(!) “my sassy girl” movie. () Haha, verry sexy!! Hey, replace the girl with Guy Tang and call it “my sassy boy”! Don’t know which would be better…ok, leaving for work now,… *grin* ^,^…

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