Super Bowl – Steelers 25, Green Bay 31

PeterFever Super Bowl
PeterFever Super Bowl

My winning streak comes to a halt. Before the Super Bowl started on Sunday, I was on a roll with picking winning football teams. I never bet real money during the football season because I don’t like to bet with friends. But for the Super Bowl I wanted to make some money, so I took a chance and made a few bets. I made friendly bets of $1 with 5 friends.

As you know, Green Bay won and I lost my bragging rights. I had a great time watching the game with friends over their house with food and drinks. I really didn’t eat much because I’m getting ready for a bodybuilding show this March.

The one thing I was really surprised about was the commercials. Normally they are really funny, but this year they didn’t make me laugh. And when companies are spending an average of $1.3 million for a 30 second ad, you would expect them to be very funny. Well it sucks that my pick lost; I don’t think I will be on football again because I always seem to jinx myself.

Written by PeterFever

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