Xbox Gamer Tag "PeterFeverXXX"
Xbox Gamer Tag "PeterFeverXXX"

Getting Naked for a Discount


Xbox Gamer Tag "PeterFeverXXX"
Xbox Gamer Tag "PeterFeverXXX"

I thought I would share the full story of getting my TV on Craigslist. So on Friday night I got an email from Gabe (the seller on Craigslist) that he would sell me the TV for $150. I replied with my PetePhysique email which has my auto signature and at the bottom. Little did I know where that would lead things. I picked up the TV and a few minutes later the following text messages went back and forth:

Gabe: “Thanks! You will love it, and if you have any questions let me know. PS killer body J”

Peter: “Thanks. You should check out my website

Gabe: “I did. Wow. Very nice man. Now it made Me. Hope you have more questions or ask for a demo J”

Peter: “If you would have given me a discount I would have taken my shirt off! Lol My blog tonight is about finding stuff on craigslist”

Gabe: ”Damn wonder what a big discount would get me”

Peter: “Maybe a free subscription to my site ;)”

Gabe: “ J nice!!!…Def would prefer to see it live ;)”

Peter: “I hear that a lot”

Gabe: “Damn I bet… Def left me worked up…Usually not that forward pardon my flirt”

I guess the moral of the story is, if PeterFever wants to buy something from you, remember that I’m willing to work for a discount.

P.S. If you want to play with me, my gamer tag is “PeterFeverXXX”

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