Philip’s 28th Birthday

Birthdays are suppose to be special and it’s a day where you can do anything you want. Over the weekend it was my best friend Philip’s 28th birthday. He was so happy and excited.

On Friday night we went to a Jazz club in the city called Yoshi’s and ended up at the Bubble Lounge. We didn’t get back home until 2 a.m. and had so much fun. On Saturday we had vegetarian Indian dinner for a party of eight in the city and threw a big birthday bash at Infusion Lounge night club. Everyone got wasted, except me because I was the designated driver. Enjoy the pictures. (Oh, that’s Philip’s rabbit).



Written by PeterFever

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  1. They say, ‘there is a woman behind every succesful man’. Often, that woman happens to be a best friend… 😉 Happy Birthday! And may Mr. Rabbit always have big carrots around! 🙂

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