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Red It Is – Competition Today

Well it seems like the majority of the votes on all my fan sites was for me to wear red for the competition today. I’m going to have a friend photograph me and another friend videotape me, so I hope to have stuff you all of you to see soon. And wish me luck, this is the first time they have had a men’s Physique Competition and I certainly hope I win, not just for me, but for all of you. I want to make you all proud and I’m so happy to have over 200 comments on what I should wear. Wish me luck!

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"Studies on Red" only

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  1. Dear Jon,
    Not all Asians are Buddhists. Like in China, 80 per cent of the citizens have no religious believes. I think peter’s fans just took grounds on intuition. Personally, I prefer red to grey.

  2. We love you Peter, you are a winner with us, your loyal and dedicated fans. And wear what you want (even though I love red on you, yellow and cobalt blue too) prayers, love and light your way.

  3. If you don’t win, I think your fans will still love you.
    Red? Remember Tiger Woods used to wear a red shirt on the last day of the golf tournament. His mom is Buddhist and I think it might be a Buddhist thing. But not sure. Probably a lot of your fans are Asians and Buddhist so that might be why a lot of them wanted red. Just a thought.

  4. too bad you have to wear anything at all! Best wishes. If it were theater we would tell you to break a leg, when I was in a chorus we used to say break a nail, don’t know what the catch phrase is for muscle boys- Do well.

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