$35,000 for 1 Night with PeterFever

That’s right; the highest bid for one night with PeterFever is $35,000 so far. I looked at the comments and found it interesting how many people said they wouldn’t pay anything because it didn’t involve love or mutual respect or “A person of maturity and class doesn’t charge for sex…” Really because I think a lot of people get married for money and they are bound to people they don’t love or might even hate and end up living miserable lives. If a person is paying for sex, you know exactly what you are going to get and there are no strings attached. Better yet, you get a professional that knows what he is doing and you will experience things you never believed were possible.

Many people are romantics and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But you also need to realize that some people are hopeless romantics, always thinking they will meet Mr Perfect and they never do because no person is perfect. Another thing I’ve heard a million times, my significant other refuses to do this or that and thinks I’m gross or sick or kinky. Guess what, we all think of kinky shit we want to do; but a professional doesn’t judge.

Judging, that is what many people were quick to do because of my blog article yesterday. They decided to judge me as a person for asking a simple question. Just because I pose a question, doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with what I’m asking. I like having an open discussion with everyone. But it seems when people start posting comments in one direction, then people who feel differently just start emailing me with their responses instead. Listen everyone, this is an OPEN FORUM, feel free to comment.

You know, society goes through cycles, from liberal to moderate to conservative and then back the other way. It is like a pendulum on a clock, it swings back and forth throughout history. If you read my blog try to keep two things in mind, don’t be so quick to judge me or others and try not taking everything so seriously. Most of the time, I’m trying to figure out things for myself and I like hearing your feedback. So have fun, enjoy my blog, and comment all you want. And if you need a little escape, I recommend that you…

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PeterFever's Great Fucking Ass
PeterFever's Great Fucking Ass

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  1. Though I think paying for sex is fine, I’ve done it, I don’t think it’s a good idea to advertise how much someone would pay Peter. Though porn is for money, and I don’t have a problem with that, I think it’s best if we all pretend it’s just for fun and fantasy.

  2. Well, people would have to define what is morality. Is it immoral to pay for sex, when perhaps it is a form of relieving someone of their loneliness or their suffering? People who judge from certain perspectives forget that in several cultures that sexuality has been openly welcomed and practised with financial transactions (sex for money a.k.a. the oldest job known to any society.) “Sacred prostitution” was practised by the ancient Greeks and appears in the Bible as well (Genesis 38.) Let’s not forget that in Hindustan the devadasi temple dancers also reflected the sexuality of their Gods through dance, and then the colonists called it immoral. Aizen-Myoo is a god that appeared with the combination of Shinto and Buddhism, and sex workers prayed to him as well as everyone else; it is moral to think that love-making can provide a way to Enlightenment. The Wiccans intertwine sexuality with morality every day; it’s about harmony between all the forces of the universe (of course, we were called witches and burned at the stake, but that’s a different story.)

    So, to judge someone who does sex for money is really uninformed. Morality is just a super subjective idea in accordance to ones own socially conditioned standards anyways. I think, as long as you’re genuinely happy and genuinely making other people happy, be happy, make other people happy and fuck everyone else.

  3. Interesting comments I must say.I just find it hard to fathom that such fortunate people we all must be to be desperate to offer our life savings to fuck some guy, famous or not.Now dont get me wrong he is hot thats a given but hey so are many other men. Coming from an escort for over 13 years and in the adult entertainment industry myself enough said I have fucked and been fucked more in 3 months the most men in a lifetime.But that kind of offer, You better be nothing but pure pleasure because I am hard to please and takes me a lot to get even aroused by most as I am way beyond hardcore. Hope you have your eroticism on Peter should we meet because I am a genuine smokin’ hot man of fuck.

    Best regards,
    Keep It Hard !!!
    Sebastian Starr

  4. Hey Peter,

    I want to let you know that you are the destination, absolutely. And if I could affort to pay 35.000 Dollar to spend one night with you I would do. Guys like you are needed because all human beings are sexual creatures and without Sex there would be no life on earth and we could not exist. And ofcourse I would like to have the best Sex I can get. So I am ready to pay for you the higest prise I can pay. Because you are worth it. Peter you are needed.

  5. Peter, I wouldn’t mind paying $100K to spend time with you and to learn more about you. To me, you are priceless. I am also a Scorpio with a high sex, have passion to explore, and be adventurous. And yes, I am aware there will be no strings attached and you have significant other, which I do respect. I hope that one day I will meet you in person. Until then, enjoy and live life. HUGS and a Kiss -- Andre

    • $1,000 for 1 hour is also generous- 24 ours in a day would be $24,000- that’s not far away from the $35,000.

      $35,000 divided by 24 hours equals $1,458 per hour_ i think lots of ppl could/would do that.

  6. I totally agree with Peter and 35,000 for one day it’s worth it. Just talk and share anything in an open forum sounds great, even if there no physical contact the intimacy with him is enough.

  7. Would that include anything I wanted? Then, it’d be totally worth it. The ass in that photo up above is exquisite. I’m sure becoming one of the elite few fortunate enough to experience it would be worth every dollar and much more, and more than I could ever afford. I hope I win the lottery.

  8. Andrew, Peter is running a very successful business offering a unique, high quality product at reasonable rates? It’s porno not prostitution. I don’t think one needs to worry about his getting old because his bio clearly indicates that he has the brains to match his good looks. Chances are that he’ll age well and still be a knock-out for decades to come anyway. I’m also sure that he doesn’t have to rely upon that nightly rate to survive and if with only one or two Ferraris :>). Don’t you think that he may be capable of true passion when having sex? I’m sure he is! The greatest obstacle in the way to good sex is all the crap that some wise men had to say about human sexuality inventing all kinds of idiotic rules and regulations which have done nothing else but make millions of people unhappy or dead. You sound as if you haven’t quite liberated yourself yet. How refreshing in contrast if someone like Peter flushes all that down the toilet and deal realistically and I mean realistically with that beautiful gift nature has given us.

  9. Anyone who cries about it being money is full of shit. You expect to be taken out on a date to a nice Resturant,… On trips,.. On vacations,…get a house and medical and a ring,… And someone whines about money? LordAlmighty even the bible had exchanges of goods for women,… People owned slaves for gods sake. I think Peter can do what ever he damn well pleases. The only reason others are jealous is they couldn’t get someone to spring for their bus fare. Lol. Way to rock it,… Peter. Btw- nice meeting u at Guy’s shop in the Beverly/weho area on Sunset. Can’t wait till we see u again! 🙂

  10. I think what you are doing is worth as much as all the “Asian” rights movement put together and all the Asians who got into the Ivy League schools. I think those rights group should give you a medal and sponsor you and others like you to do more of what you doing now. Yay for that. 🙂

  11. I think what you are doing is worth as much as all the “Asian” rights movement put together and all the Asians who got into the Ivy League schools. I think those rights group should give you a medal and sponsor you and others like you to do more of what you doing now. cheers.

  12. I am totally with you Peter. If I had the dough I would so dole it out to hook it up with you. And the great thing about this business proposition is the turn around… You have it. You sell it. You still have it 🙂

    more power to ya brotha!

  13. I think if someone wants to charge for sex then the only debate should be internal ones about whether or not you are willing to pay for it or if your are willing to charge. This whole judging thing about personal choices is ridiculous. Morals and values are different from person to person -- one person might consider it prostituting yourself and view that as having low moral fiber, yet at the same time have zero compassion for people in need or even be prejudice. (Just creating examples to show that the moral majority has the ability to pick and choose what is offensive while ignoring that some of their own beliefs are bound to be just as offensive to another person).
    The one argument that I don’t agree with and am so tired of hearing is when people compare selling/paying for sex as the same as marriage or a serious relationship. I’m sorry but it’s a stretch to insinuate that marriage/love is merely based on money, which it may be in the case of someone like Donald Trump, but the divorce rate is enough to show that money alone isn’t enough to make anyone stay around forever, and if your only motive of being with someone is a financial one, then you were a prostitute to begin with and don’t fit into the “love” category. I just feel it’s the standard go-to response when people try to defend selling their bodies, but intellectually, it’s a poor analogy and baseless. In my view, you shouldn’t have to defend the choice to buy or sell sex. It’s your body and your choice. Besides, clearly there is a market for it, especially when the specimen is as gorgeous as Peter le, so many who claim to be adverse to it are merely hypocrites.

  14. Hi Peter,
    I think you should do what you feel happy with it. A lot of them are envious that you are deliciously georgous. I am a Malaysian Chinese, working in Shanghai. If you want to have a sex drive like scorpion, then take more nuts, like almond especially. And if you like to have a baby face, then you have to reply and I will give you the secret recipe. Thank you for putting our Asian face on the map. Have a great day. Alec.

  15. i think all people as you don’t know what the lover is?i don’t think you live so and feel happy,the life is fair,it is give and received,sorry if i say incorrect about you

  16. “A person of maturity and class doesn’t charge for sex…” what?! who cares?! i think you should be given an award for breaking stereotypes in such a great way. everyone sells what they are good at and charge accordingly.

  17. i am from china. as a student who has just entered college, i have to say you really look amazing. what’s more , your smile really looks like sunshine, best wishes to you.

  18. Just because someone is paying money for 1 night with you doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have sex with them, unless you say that out right. If I was paying that much money for a night with you, I would not expect you to have sex with me. Sex to me is something that is meaningless. I would spend the night getting to know the real you off camera. And if anything did happen, then it would be because we both felt an attraction, not because I had paid money for it.

  19. C’mon, hypothetically, it’s a business like anything else. If you can sell your product for $35,000 dollars and you don’t mind the prostitution, then all the power to you…besides, it is the oldest profession, so they say. Personally, I couldn’t imagine an experience with anyone worth over a couple of hundred, and that would still be pushing it a tad. But hey, if I had money to burn like that…I could think of a lot better ways to spend it. One night’s spunk at that price could probably support 100 villages in Africa for a year. (I’m just saying) There is no use in defending an argument for or against prostitution if that is the occupation in question; porn stars earn an income above and beyond what you see on the screen, whether you choose to accept it or not. But hey, If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Besides, you might as well earn your money when you’re young, in whatever means possible, as long as you don’t actively hurt anyone in the process, because age is a real killer. It creeps up on you very quickly…as some of us already know. And while you’re still young and pretty you might as well make the best of it. Professions like Peters have a very short lifespan.

    • (Professions like Peters have a very short lifespan.)

      REALLY?? peter is a successful entrepreneur_ he owns/operates his own production company- he is not a porn star with a short lifespan- he is/owns a porn/media/production company- & there will always be young/pretty ppl he can hire to put in his vids/films_ while he manages his business empire .
      ( I couldn’t imagine an experience with anyone worth over a couple of hundred,)

      REALLY?? then u have no imagination. how do u put a price on a fantasy/wish come true ? cause that’s what being with peter would be for many ppl. and $35,000 isn’t a lot of money 2 some ppl.

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