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From "Rocky Coast" photo shoot
From "Rocky Coast" photo shoot

I need ideas for the “ Hottest Asian & Pacific Islander Model Search”. I plan to have this search go on for the entire year, but I want to have quarterly prizes for the hottest models voted on by fans and members. And of course I need a grand prize at the end of the competition. I was thinking about having a $1,000 shopping spree on as one of the prizes. And there are always things like cash prizes, but what else do you guys think would be a great incentive?

I have been very surprised by the number of submissions so far. There are a lot of you out there who want to be a model. Don’t think you have to look like me to be a model either. I’m looking for a lot of different things in my models – like big dicks, nice ass, cute faces, lol. But seriously if you have a great personality and it shows in your pictures, then you have a very good chance of becoming a model of mine.

If you are looking for more exposure, is the place. Between my sites and social networking, I was viewed over 17.9 million times last year in over 205 countries and territories. Now I’m offering this vast network to all of you. This is only going to get bigger and better, so the earlier you email me, the more likely you will be selected!

Send your pictures and brief bio to:

From "Fashion" photo shoot
From "Fashion" photo shoot

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  1. Could you please finalize the contest and set the prizes and give more information on it (like where the photos will be posted and etc…)
    THank You!

  2. The winner should get to have sex with you on camera (preferably with you bottoming) and you should post the clip on your membership website. That would be a great way to take your website to the next level 🙂 If that were the prize, I think the number of submissions would crash your mailbox.

  3. I think there should be a better way to send pictures to you rather than via email. It’s kinda dangerous given what’s going on in the world today. These pictures can be sabatoged, etc.

  4. Maybe like $3,000 for the grand prize winner.
    2nd would be $1,500

    and 3rd would be $1,000. plus shopping gift cards at famous dept stores to all 3. Just my suggestion lol.

  5. I don’t know exactly know how the search will run, but what about a page on your site dedicated to the fan favorite that runs for a month? Something that includes pics and complete profiles and stuff, so he can gain experience and get a feel for his audience as well. That on top of cash prizes should be enough for the quarterly prizes, although if all else fails and the dude is gay, you can always give him a “private” performance :).

    Love u lots Peter

  6. How about raising the cash prizes? Like having 2nd and 3rd runner up cash prizes and of course the grand prize winner winning the most cash and clothes and perhaps shoes?

    I can’t wait to see your top candidates so I can vote already. Will the winner be also having a “personal video” on your adult website? you know…like playing with himself or whatever lol.

    • The only problem with a bike, is I might have to ship it to Thailand or something. So need prizes that can be used anywhere and I can spend the money on the prize, not shipping to get it there.

  7. How about… One of the prizes be.. a trip somewhere you really enjoyed? or a free membership to a fitness club or site for a certain amount of time? or one on one training with you? haha

    • It would all depend on where in the world the person lived. You need to remember, most of these people will be coming from other countries, not the US. But I was thinking about a trip too as the grand prize.

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