Mother’s Day

My Mom and PJ
My Mom and PJ

Before I started writing this blog, I was thinking about a funny story; but later I decided since its Mother’s Day, I would write about how much I appreciate her. I love my mother so much. The top 3 things my mother loves most is my dog PJ, eating good food, and hugs from her kids.

On Mother’s Day morning, I bought PJ over my parent’s house. Before I stepped in the house, I opened the door to let PJ run wild looking for my mother. PJ always makes her happy and he never says no when she offers him treats.

Peter Le and Mom
Peter Le and Mom

At noon, I invited the entire family to a Vietnamese 7 course meal at a restaurant in Milpitas to celebrate and to show our appreciation to her. This is one of my mother’s favorite places and we always leave full. Then we headed back and hung around my parent’s house. I massaged my mother’s neck and upper back while she watched an old Korean drama dubbed in Vietnamese. As we watched she kept saying how one of the Korean actors looks just like me.

I know a lot of people do a quick Mother’s Day and just send flowers, jewelry, or a card. But I think it is better to spend time with my mom and I know that really make her day special. Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

Peter Le and Mother
Peter Le and Mother

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  1. Greeting from Thailand!!!

    Peter, finally I did sign in for your member and fan club.(after decided for a while) You’ve got a Charecter so stay cool!!!I wish u could cum to visit us here sometime so I could be your host. I’m sure u will enjoy it.

    Your site was fine, but I found the download of your video took a little bit so long. Many time it left me BLANK BLANK SO I NEVER SEE THE MILK SHAKE cum. Just like u didn’t see the end of the movie:(Any suggestions??? There is nothing to do with my speed, because I could watch you from youtube fast and easily.

    Well keep up good work. Love ya!!! Keep in touch.
    From A cute Thai fan GQ

  2. Dear peter
    You don’t look like your mom!!!en….but the mouth have a little like.Maybe you look like your father?You mom is really happy because she has a good son like you.Happy Mother’s Day to your mom.Happy Mother’s day to you too!!

  3. Great to hear that you make efforts to spend quality time wth your mum on mother`s day because not everyone has that opportunity. So are you part Vietnamese ?

  4. True… All parent no need any jewelry, flowers or any gift from the children. They just wan to have spend sometime with the children. Peter, u are such a good son… Not only spend time with her, and bring her for her flavor food.:) also massage her during she watching Korean movie.:)

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