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The Knight’s Chair

The Knights Chair
The Knights Chair

I’m not sure if you knew, but after the Royal Wedding that I attended, I was asked back to Buckingham Palace by the Queen to receive my official title as a Knight.

After the ceremony was finished, she allowed me to say in the royal waiting room for a few “photo ops” that I could send to all of you.

Instead I was a bad boy and went a little crazy on Henry VIII’s Royal Throne.

Take a look at this Royal Teaser.

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Dude,

    You are so hilalious!!! I like your sense of humor.Tell me now how I can make the Knight fall in love with and if he would come to rescue me from the top Tower. Hahhh!!

    No regret to be one of your fans from upfar; however, I feel you are so closed with us just like a guy next door.

    Miss ya!!Take care, don’t jerk too hard;-)
    GQ, a cute fan from Thailand

    • Thanks GQ, I will try not to jerk to hard. Actually since I’m a knight now I should have servants or something do that for me, right?

  2. Hmmmmm…I thought you’re going to make a different ” Royal” or ” Hot Asian Prince” theme just like I suggested. but it looks like this video also fits the concept. still looking forward though for a “Hot Prince Charming” theme that will sweep our feet.

  3. That’s great news … and now, of course, all you subjects will have to address you as Sir Peter 🙂 … Your full title is Sir Peter Fever, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bubble-Butt, having been thus honoured for Services to Fitness and Jerking 🙂

  4. now these are some hot ass pictures, meaning they have me drooling, all of your body, front and back feet to top… I am on fire, where is the fire hose lol…… awesome dude, not surprised though, that Royal Blue is hot on you… peace

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