Turning My House into a Studio

PeterFever and PJ at Home
PeterFever and PJ at Home

I’ve been thinking of what to do with my house when I’m on K-Town. I don’t want to sell it because the market is down. At the same time, I don’t fully use the space when I’m here because I’m a minimalist. So I’m thinking about turning my house into a private video/photo studio. What do you guys think? Want come over?

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  1. Hey Peter, that’s a great idea, to start a business from home and you can write off part of or mortgage on your taxes. Just make sure you make personal space where it is your home and seperate space for your buissness. Good luck sexy!!!

  2. Hey, if you do not need extra income -- and u can take care of it, do what you want. As a Realtor there is a market for rentals for sure but if you do set it up as a studio u can rentbit out to other models and photogs who are looking for places to shoot. -- that way you could earn some money without the drama of being a landlord. Just take time to consider your options and the tax write offs you might get.

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