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    Mother’s Day

    Before I started writing this blog, I was thinking about a funny story; but later I decided since its Mother’s Day, I would write about how much I appreciate her. I love my mother so much. The top 3 things […] More

  • PeterFever and PJ

    PJ Petered Out

    The other evening PJ and I went for a run around the neighborhood. I usually run 2 miles, but he had so much energy from his chicken dinner, I decided to run a couple more miles. After 4 miles, I […] More

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    I Love LittleFever

    Some say a dog and its owner have the same personality. I started thinking about this and analyzing PJ. PJ and I have been together for the last three years and I have to say we are very similar. First […] More

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    Two Restless Dogs

    I’m so tried to today. Usually after I get off of work at night around 9 PM and I walk PJ for 30 minutes. Instead I got busy responding to people and by the time I was finished, I was […] More

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    It is summer time and my poodle mixed breed PJ is feeling the heat with this furry coat. I haven’t made the time to brush him everyday like I’m supposed to do. Because of that, he developed too many knots in his […] More

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    4th of July

    It was a great 4th of July. I woke up late morning and did my usual routine: brushed my teeth, drank a shake, responded to messages online, and hit the gym for cardio and weights. Since, I’m trying to take my […] More

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    I Got My Ass Beat Up!

    It’s all happen yesterday after work.  I was exhausted from training all my Wednesday clients at the gym up until 7:15 PM, which was a full day because everyone prefers to train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I received a text… […] More

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    Summer Movie Night!

    Every year during the summer, I’ve been taking my 13 year old nephew, 6 year old nephew, and my 5 year niece to the movies. Tonight we were planning to watch Toy Story 3, this will be my second time […] More

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    Tanning in Half Moon Bay

    Sunday morning I headed to the beach with a few friends and they mentioned that every time they see me at the beach my swimming trucks are getting smaller and tighter. I said, “Hey, if you got – it flaunt it!” […] More

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