Peter Le Visits Shanghai, China

Shanghai is an amazing city, full of incredibly interesting characters. Before my trip over there I pictured China as a sea of people crushed together on bikes and impossible to get around. In Shanghai it was nothing like this. Serene in the rain, the architecture was picturesque and the winding streets were half empty. I spent my mornings at the hotel gym and my afternoons wandering in and out of mom and pop shops snacking on tiny portions of local flavors, including a burger from what I think was a bootleg McDonalds.

I had a great time at D2 and would love to go back again. Thanks so much to each and every fan that came out. You guys were all so polite lining up for a chance to snap photos and meet me; I really appreciated that. Next time I plan on hitting up more clubs and scouting for more models. Speaking of which, I found some great potentials for PeterFever, including a DJ! I won’t tell you their names, but you can check out the pics I took below.

[cincopa AcIAYq6OClCT]

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  1. hai,nice to see your blog Peter…i want you to ask about your present, i’m interested to invite you to Indonesia (see it at google)…many friends of mine like your profile n personality and they want me to invite you to my club as a guest star. so do you mind if i asked the procedure and also another things that we must prepared?thanks so much…

  2. I like the Chinese guy with you in the white sweater, nice smile, I think he has muscles and he looks like a yummy fuck. Who is he? Get him to be your hot model.

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