Baby Vampires Attacked Me Tonight

This was no ordinary 4th of July. First of all, I didn’t have plans to be out with a bunch of friends which is usual for me. Then I decided for the first time to go and visit the local fireworks display at the elementary school. I found a nice, cozy spot on the soccer field and got ready to watch the show. It was a hot evening, so I only had shorts and tank-top on. The fireworks display started and everything seemed fine; but then I felt something biting me. Then it happened again and again. What the hell what it? Mosquitoes aka Baby Vampires came out in a swarm and attacked me. I guess my pulsing veins from jogging to the soccer field attracted them like crazy. And they couldn’t get enough.

When I got home and looked at the damage, I realized these bites are going to swell really big by tomorrow. So I took a few snap shots to show you guys. This will definitely delay the next photo shoot I had planned, by at least few days. Oh well, at least the fireworks were cool. Happy 4th!

Baby Vampires Sucked My Blood
Baby Vampires Sucked My Blood

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  1. when? i just can’t get a break from all the stress. i don’t have money now to go out and have fun. i wish i could come to San Franciso for a weekend and hang out with you and not worry about anything.

  2. lol baby vampires. Given the chance, no one can resist a taste of you, ne? ;]

    Anyway, hope you don’t swell too much. lol, bug bites are pretty damn annoying. >.<

  3. They swell like that on me, too. Get some prescription cortizone cream, baby--it’s the only thing that works! That, and running them under hot water to stop the itching. Gone in less than a week, I promise. Of course, it’s no surprise that they wanted a little taste of you : )

  4. hi. so can i get a ride on your magic carpet. I’ve had a couple of interviews but no job offers. ive been so stressed. i just wish i could hang out with you. take care.

    • Yes, you can ride my magic carpet. Just remember to “Keep calm and Carry on” as you are looking for a job. The process is stressful and not easy. I have many friends who have been going through the same thing.

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Happy 4th of July

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