Japan – I Landed at the Wrong Airport

After takeoff, I was shocked when I heard the pilot announce that we were flying into Haneda airport. I didn’t realize Tokyo had two airports and I was flying into the wrong one. During all of my prep work in August, I worried about details for the hotel and tours I wanted to go on; overlooking where I was going to land. I just assumed that Tokyo only had one airport. This was a problem because I booked a hotel near the Narita airport for the first few nights to recover from the jet lag.  Well, I guess it’s about the journey not the destination. Hopefully everything else will work out better. I’m off to bed now.

Getting Ready for Bed
Getting Ready for Bed

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Haneda is the old airport also called Tokyo International airport.Narita is the new airport built 15 over years ago.Enjoy yourself in the Japanese public least the gifted ones can personally see you..

  2. Aww! I bet you got a wrong airport… I thought Haneda Airport is the same airport like Narita airport? I have never been to the airport in Tokyo ‘cos I’ve been to Osaka and travelling to Tokyo by bullet train (faster train). I’ve been few places hehe it’s so expensive to visit Japan but I love it! I’m going there in 5 years time hehehe

    And did you enjoy it in Tokyo?

  3. LOL. Yes Tokyo has 2 airports, Narita and Haneda. I think Haneda is a brand new airport that they added recently. Didn’t the flight attendants notice your boarding ticket for Narita? But anyway, at least it’s still in the same country. Just be happy the plane didn’t take you to some other country lol. What an adventure that would be! Enjoy Japan! It’s a great country to visit!

  4. Few more hours to spend in Tokyo before i fly home in the evening, thankfully you narrowly missed a pretty nasty typhoon which is still ripping its way northward. Lots of heavy rain, strong winds, rivers flooding and mud slides wiping out roads and homes as well as bridges. Still, hope you enjoy yourself like i did, food, sights, sounds, people, culture. Love this country, prolly why i keep coming back 🙂
    Enjoy yourself Peter.

  5. Haneda air port is more convenience rather than Narita since Haneda is located near by down town.
    I hope your trip in Japan impress you successfully. If you have any concerns, I will help you with my plesure.

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