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PeterFever’s Tokyo Tour

My Tour Guide
My Tour Guide

Today I went on a tour of Tokyo. I started in the morning by going to Gold’s Gym, so I can keep in shape and stay sexy. Then around noon the tour began at Seaside Top, an observatory deck on the 40th floor of the World Trade Center; the panoramic view was amazing. After that we cruised down the Sumida River for about an hour and learned about some of Tokyo’s early history; the river was important in the development of Tokyo. After the cruise the tour headed over to Sensoji Temple, the oldest and most popular temple in Tokyo. The little street leading to the temple, called Nakamise-dori, is lined on both sides by all kinds of little shops and stands.

Warrior Pose
Warrior Pose

The last stop was the Imperial Palace. I was surprised that the Emperor didn’t invite me in for tea but I got over it and toured the palace gardens. After that I grabbed some dinner and now I’m exhausted. It’s time for the Fever to get some sleep. Sweet dreams everyone and have fun checking out my pics from the tour.

Touring Tokyo
Touring Tokyo
Being Funny
Being Funny
Tokyo Tour
Tokyo Tour

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  1. aww!!! hehehe… I have never been or seen this place in Tokyo ‘cos my older sister and her family, our nephew and our friends that doesn’t have much time to visit different places in Tokyo. We were so busy travelling some other places like Kyoto and Hiroshima before going back to Osaka and then going back to the Philippines. But I lived here in Australia.

  2. Hello Peter .
    I live in kyoto city .
    I always looks forward to your smile with your blog.
    I knew that you will go to kyoto.
    Let you know the place where you seem to be interested and should visit.
    ① FUSHIMI INARI Shrine at kyoto.
    If you visit the shrine, your works goes well .
    becouse it is very famous BUSINESS GOD in Japan.
    The servant of this God is a fox.
    Please pray that your works develop greatly.
    There is the famous tunnel of TORII .
    ② It is the one and only in japan.
    There are very many comics in KYOTO International MANGA Museum at kyoto city.
    ③I know You like NARUTO.
    You will find your favorite goods at there.
    ④ TOEI UZUMASA EIGAMURA is movie studio and movie amusement park at kyoto city.You can see , become SAMURAI and NINJA (Costume).

    ⑤Kyoto Cuisine restaurant

    Now,Japan is attacked by a great disaster .
    Your smile will encourage us.
    I hope my information being helpful for you.
    Enjoy Japan and have a nice trip !

  3. I love your work, i use the think that japan would be a great place to visit, and by all accounts your time there looks great,but i was shock to see this academy award winning doco which when to air in australia a week ago called ‘The Cove’. It looked at the Taiji dolphin hunting drive. Its hard for me to enjoy your trip pics like i have with all the other destinations becase the cruelty of these people taints my whole view of your experience. I hope you share my pain and outrage and become a spokesmen for this cause so stop the dolphin killing.

    • I just want to understand your comment, you are asking me to judge millions of people and an ancient culture based on what a few corporations here choose to do? If that were the case you would never enjoy any picture of the United States either. You can’t base your opinion of an entire race of people on the actions of a few, that how countries get into wars.

  4. Seeing your photos reminds me when I took a vacation down to Tokyo and meet one of my ex’s. We spent two days touring the entire city, and ate and laughed. Despite the language and racial difference it was awesome. It was sad it had to end because I had to leave Japan months later, but the experience I had there wasn’t anything I would trade for the world.

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