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Peter’s Mud Bath – Hot New Video

Ass Mud
Ass Mud

Fontana di Peter
Fontana di Peter

Peter rubbing Mud all over his hot body, what more could you ask for? Well that’s what I’m doing this week in my hot or should I say muddy new video called “Peter’s Mud Bath”. We finally had a day where the weather was a little warm so I decided to go in my backyard and play with the hose. Everything got muddy and I heard mud is good for your skin so I figured I would rub it all over my body.

If you are good, maybe I will let you rub it all over my body next time 🙂

Watch the Preview Below


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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter,
    Hopefully that was sanitized spa quality mud that you were using…hehe. Only certain types of mud are good for your skin due to the minerals that it contains.

  2. Peter I would appreciate so much if the dildo that you will release will be available for shipping in the Philippines.. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive..

  3. Hi Peter,

    Once again a great video. You really know how to tease a man ! It was too short. What an amazing ass !
    Btw, do you still plan to have your own dildo, I can’t wait to use it and of course see you using it.
    Have a happy and prosperous new year and a lot of new videos ….

    • Yes I’ve been working on the dildo, but I haven’t like the quality of the dildos so far, so I’m waiting for the convention in 2 weeks to talk with other suppliers.

  4. Pete, i don’t know how to send you an email.. I really really wanna be your model.. But, i don’t have any confidence to show my body.. So, how? I’m in Indonesia, and I don’t have any costs if you want me to visit you in there.. So, how? Please, please, send your responses yo my email. I need your responses!! Really need!

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